4 Exercise Classes to Try With Class Pass

Pilates and Yoga Mats - credit Jordan Nix

With Class Pass, these are the four exercise classes I want to work out at this year: barre at BLOK, The HIIT TRIB3 Workout, reformer pilates, and a high-energy spin class at G Squared Health Club.

Class Pass is a fitness, wellness, and beauty platform that allows you to book classes wherever and whenever you feel like it. It cuts out the gym memberships and contracted subscription services and instead allows you to invest in the classes and experiences you want when you want them. Flexibility, spontaneity, and fluidity are the aim of the game.

I’ve been scouring the platform and (in a bid to push myself in 2022) have uncovered some serious gems that I want to test and try. Hopefully, this will serve as inspiration to fellow exercise explorers who are currently looking for an exciting challenge in 2022.  Below are some great Class Pass exercise classes I can’t wait to sample.


Barre at BLOK, Northern Quarter

When it comes to barre training, BLOK is the masterclass. Whether you’re a veteran groover or an entry-level mover (like myself) the boutique BLOK space is sure to improve your barre technique and elevate your practice

With skilled trainers teaching in a minimalistic studio space (the Manchester studio is set into Grade II listed building, Ducie Street Warehouse) BLOK is top of my list for barre offerings via Class Pass. I’m currently a fan of Ellya Sam and Carly Bateman’s BLOKtv barre classes, so I cannot wait to take the plunge with Class Pass and attend a barre class irl.

Click here for more information on how to book. See my guide to beginning barre, here.




The TRIB3 Workout @ TRIB3, City Centre

TRIB3 is a group HIIT workout like no other. Akin to CrossFit, the signature TRIB3 workout pushes your body and resilience to the limit with a multidisciplinary workout. There’s treadmill pounding, air bike racing, and weight lifting for a full-body meltdown. The TRIB3 workout sounds wild, and, according to Class Pass, there’s an onsite Mixology bar for post-class protein shakes. I’m sold.

Click here for more information on how to book.

Image Credit: Logan Weaver


Foundation at Runway Pilates, Altrincham

A challenging step-up from its mat-based sister; reformer pilates uses a contraption called a reformer machine to stretch muscles, improve posture, and make mobility possible. If you’re looking to shake up your pilates practice, reformer pilates via Class Pass could be it.

Runway Pilates in Altrincham is situated roughly 10 miles outside of Manchester City center. The pilates haven offers a variety of reformer classes including the fresh-faced Foundation classes and the intense Energize class. Level up your pilates game and book with Class Pass.

Click here for more information on how to book.


G2 Ride @ G Squared Health Club

A strength-focused spin class in a sophisticated gym environment; G2 Ride at G Squared Health Club sounds right up my street. A high octane experience designed to boost resilience and elevate your energy, G2 Ride is 45 minutes of pure adrenaline and a killer cardio workout set on spin bikes.

Indoor Cycling is a great way to bust your mood and work hard in a condensed time period. If it doesn’t sound like your thing, check out the rest of G Squared Health Club’s exercise classes on Class Pass. They range from barre to core-based circuits and from pilates to strength-based HIIT.

Click here for more information on how to book.

Image Credit: Logan Weaver

*This post is not affiliated with Class Pass or any of the health clubs mentioned. I am simply just sharing my love for movement!

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