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If you fancy getting in touch – to say hello, or to broach working with me, please click here.

I’m Ella Louise Scott – a 25-year old writer currently living in Manchester, UK.  I work as a fashion copywriter and have a keen interest in all things styling, moving your body, and reading fiction with a large glass of  pet nat rosé. I studied a joint honours degree in Journalism & English at The University of Salford, graduating in summer 2019. I am currently studying towards my NCTJ Diploma in Journalism, and have plans to embark on a Magazine Journalism Masters degree in the distant future.

Welcome to my slice of respite, Cigarette Sounds. My site is a multifaceted friend which will hopefully appeal to those wellness-conscious readers who have a striking  interest in fashion, food and fitness. The ones who want adventure and to wear a cloak of rich experience, yet still keep life levelheaded and steady. I’m the type to head over for 6am swim club with a probiotic smoothie on a Monday, yet spend Saturday night tangoing on the kitchen tiles, salt-rimmed margarita in tow. I find life is so much better when it’s balanced – it’s something to be celebrated.

So come in. Get comfortable. The show is starting. Flick through and find something you enjoy. I’ll just be over here.

If you fancy getting in touch – to say hello, or to broach working with me, please click here.

One thought on “CONTACT: MEET ELLA

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