Achieving Vicky Pattinson’s VIP edge is what drives me to get up in the morning.  That, a good old milky cuppa and a peanut-butter and banana on toast combo… In fact, leave out the VIP edge will you? I’ll just take the breakfast to go, please?


C O N N E C T   W I T H   M E
Email: cigarettesounds@gmail.com
Twitter: @ellalascott
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ellalascott
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cigarettesounds


Ella Louise Scott is talking about herself in the third person, probably to feel:

a) a bit more professional than she probably is (I mean, she started the page talking about Geordie Shore, so it’s all downhill from there)

b) to make it look as if a studious, well-rehearsed artist of some capacity took time out to write down how much they adore her.  It is fake news, but the third person remains for effect.

Ella Louise Scott is a 21-year-old Geordie bee living, breathing and slaving away at a degree in Manchester.  Her degree in English and Journalism is at the University Of (Salford…) meaning she must surely be smart, dedicated and driven?  In all honesty, she probably spends more time watching Love Island re-runs then she does sitting in lecture halls.  BUT NO MATTER.

She likes gobbing off about how much Nick Cave + The Badseeds are her favourite musical collective (alongside The Smiths, The Cure + Friendly Fires), enjoys sinking bottles of Blue Moon and sipping on gallons of Margaritas at a pace that will make her cry hysterically in the morning, and (yes, and) eats carbonara so often, she is slowly but surely turning into a walking-talking bacon bit.  She also runs a blog, Cigarette Sounds.  You are reading it RIGHT NOW, isn’t that a convenience?  The stars must be aligned.

Cigarette Sounds is obscurely named, due to Ella initially setting it up as a hub of music reviews, interviews and festival reporting.  She does still compete in the field of Music Journalism, but just through other magazines and websites which have a more-paramount reputation for music writing.  For more information on hiring Ella to scribble poignant words about your music, or just to make you sound good, click here to view her Linkedin (cheeky self-promo 101) or email her personal email, ellahscott@hotmail.co.uk, for requests.

So anyway, off track.  

Cigarette Sounds was a music blog and is now a multi-functional website/blog, where topics such as books, travel, thoughts & food are discovered, uncovered and written for you, Cigarette Sounds readers, to use, abuse, muse over and tell all your mates about.  “yeah, I found this really cool hidden bar in Manchester.  Yeah, it’s so cool.  How did I find it?  Oh, I just stumbled upon it”.  A Likely story, I am watching you.

She is fun, hard-working and insanely pro-active (if she may say so herself) and would love to chat, reminisce about festivals across the globe, review books & hotels and ultimately work with you if you are interested in working with her (and adding digits to her bank account).  Below, she has listed her social media’s (again, for reiteration) and ways to get in contact with her via email… Isn’t she just so wonderful?  She would love to hear from you!

She hopes she has come across as funny, witty and somewhat original, rather than boisterous and insanely arrogant with a pinch of annoyingness, but its all fun and games in the love of work.  If she does not hear from you, she gets the message.


C O N N E C T   W I T H   M E
Email: cigarettesounds@gmail.com
Twitter: @ellalascott
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ellalascott
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cigarettesounds


All photographs are owned by me.
Anything marked with an ‘#AD’ is an advertisement.
Anything marked with a * has been received by myself for a review purpose.



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