13 Hacks For a Successful Morning

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The 13 morning routine hacks I’m going to be implementing into my daily and weekly schedules for more successful, fulfilling mornings.

I’m a definite morning person. I live for those early endorphins and truly love knowing a whole day of possibilities awaits me. However, my morning routine is sporadic at best. Sometimes it’s spin, swim, and coffee dates before 9am. Other days, it’s scrolling on TikTok until 8:50 and rolling out of bed in a manic panic. Can you tell I’m craving some balance? 

In an effort to restructure my mornings, I’ve listed some easy and sustainable efforts which I want to incorporate into my morning routine. If you’re like me, and also want to enrich your mornings, then hopefully you can use the 13 morning hacks below as a springboard of inspiration. 

Note: Not everything on the list below is an ‘everyday task’ but instead is something to incorporate as often or as little as you like into your weekly schedule. As long as you’re doing something for yourself every day, that’s what matters.



My 13 Morning Routine Hacks 

  • Getting out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off.
  • Brush teeth before doing anything.
  • Write down tasks for the day. Everything from menial to important.
  • No immediate caffeine hit. Swap for decaf coffee or herbal tea. 
  • Stretch or yoga.
  • Do some sort of cardio workout outside of the flat.
  • Workout reward. For me, the promise of a podcast and an oat vanilla latte.
  • Listen to the radio. A hit of news, new music, and fun chatter. 
  • Read for 10 minutes minimum – physical book, Kindle, or magazine.
  • Full skincare routine. SPF always!
  • Eat a low-sugar, high fibre breakfast.
  • Lots of H2O.
  • Make sure dishes are washed, the kitchen is clean, rubbish out, etc.
  • Try to keep social media consumption to a minimum before 12pm. 
  • Wear bright and comfortable clothes. Feeling good and looking good.


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