style: levis x snoopy

Sometimes, the simplest outfits or basic pieces can seriously create a mindset of confidence. Whether this is some new CK underwear, a scoop-back, sequin dress or, in my case, this Levi’s X PEANUTS t-shirt. Although a t-shirt is definitely not anything I would usually consider to be ‘confidence-boosting’ this one has swelled my heart to the breaking point, and I have never felt so good in an item of clothing.If you follow me on any form of social media or know me in real-life, then you will have already seen that this t-shirt is currently plastered to my body, and oh yes honey bee, you are about to see it a whole lot more.

In general, the t-shirt is not exactly breaking news nor is it a fashion statement for the ages.  It is, however, a classic.  A nostalgic celebration of Levi’s brand with a modern-day twist of the universally-loved Peanuts characters.  The graphic tee features the batwing red and white logo, with the cutest print of Snoopy resting across the straight.  He looks fed up and/or content, but insanely sweet and innocent.  He really livens up this standard t-shirt, making an “ooh” and “oh my god so fucking CUTE” come out of your mouth.

So – what about this tee makes me feel confident?

First, off it is a classic white tee and seriously tell me, can you ever go wrong with this simple statement?  A timeless essential used to both dress up an outfit or make one more daytime applicable.  Throw in the fact the white tee has a playful hint to it via Snoopy and you are onto a winning combination.

The idea that this t-shirt can be worn in any situation – dranks with the girls, or climbing a volcano – is a definite winner for me.  I love anything versatile and, because I am a lazy girl, I like something I could sleep in at night and then roll out of bed mid-morning, stick on some jeans and lippy and head into town for a brunch date.  Confidence in myself: confidence in my lethargic fashion choices.

Not only does this t-shirt look good with any bottom half pairing, but is an insanely flattering fit.  I usually find t-shirts, such as my staple Topshop nibble tee, are somewhat boxy, extenuate my shoulders and billow out at the bottom.  As somebody who does not like to look bigger than they are – a top that does not look seamless when tucked in is a definite no-go.

The Levis t-shirt, however, is lightweight, soft in the scoop neckline (making the shoulders appear smaller) and looks banging half-tucked in.  Snoopy sits perfectly in the centre, so all attention is on him as opposed to other areas of my body.

In both outfit photographs, I have paired the white tee with white bottoms – both low-waist Replay jeans and a high-waisted Topshop white skirt.  I have not worn low-waisted jeans since I was about fourteen so, to still feel confident rocking this top slightly tucked in is amazing.  Arguably, the skirt and top combo’ is definitely something I would style more on the regular, just out of habit, but it is interesting to see how the top itself looks with two different waistlines.

Levi’s X Peanuts, you are the one.  I currently have a few pieces in the collection hovering in my basket – I just need an excuse to check out. Ka-ching, do you hear that?  It is the sound of investment.

Shop the look:

Levi’s X PEANUTS graphic tee – here
Topshop white skirt – here 
Replay boyfriend white jeans – here
Topshop star denim jacket – sold out 

Black converse – here
Pink Nikes – sold out

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