The Fortnightly Wishlist: Volume I

I never really tend to chat about fashion on the blog.  I have always kept it between the boundaries of food, music and lifestyle but maybe this is the beginning of me branching out into the world of fashion?  It might also just be an excuse for me to place all the pieces I am lusting after in one place and give me the greatest excuse to purchase but, we’ll see.

Hello and welcome to my fortnightly wishlist.  Every two weeks I am planning to put down into words which items of clothing, and maybe some sneaky pairs of shoes, that I cannot wait to get my hands on and my booty into.

My fashion choices have always been an integral part of my individuality.  At the age of twelve, I had already decided that following the crowd like a little-lost lamb, into Helly Hanson jackets and UGG boots just were not what I was built to do.  My mum bought me my first pair of flowery Dr Martens (which I still have/still fit my tiny feet to this day) and some electric blue tights with oversized cherries on them, while all my other friends were being gifted Paul’s Boutique Bags.  Fashion has followed me through my life and maybe it’s about time I started chatting about it.

So, here marks the beginning of my fashion talk.  The Wishlist.


By dresses, I do not mean slinky, low-cut, curved-hem cocktail dresses which ooze both sex appeal and self-confidence.  I just cannot get away with that look, unfortunately.  So by dresses, I am lusting after: pinafores galore; basically, anything which can make my 20-year-old self-resemble a school child as well as a relaxed, grungy throw-on, which can be styled up with both Dr Martens and/or a cute pair of sparkly socks and sandals.

(Working from left-right)

  1. ASOS Denim Shift Dress in Washed Black With Circular Ring Pull (£30.00)

There’s something about this shift dress which has changed my opinion of washed black.  The colour itself just reminds me of when I have had my Topshop Jamie Jeans in the washer/dryer too many times, and the ‘jet black’ colour turns to a mushy-almost-grey and refuses to match-up with any shade of black.  You know what I am talking about, right?  However, with its cute ring pull and high-neck, this shift dress screams the 60’s and would look perfect with a bright red polo-neck layered underneath. Am I converted into washed black?  Just you wait and see.

2.  Daisy Street Retro High Neck Dress with Ring Pull Zip (£19.99)

I fell in love with the faded red and white block contrast against the black of this figure-hugging dress in an instant.  That’s going straight in my basket.  Much like the ASOS denim dress (1), this dress also features a high-neck as well as a ring pull.  The sheer tightness of the dress is something I would usually tend to avoid, but I cannot deny how fantastic this dress would look with a pair of thick, cable knit tights and a teddy bear coat this winter, or a faux, black leather jacket and studded ankle boots for the autumn transitional period.

3. Jack Wills Check Shift Dress (£85.00)

Jack Wills’ stopped being a key player in my life a few years ago when big branded hoodies and gilets took my high school by storm, but this floaty shift dress might just have me back on the band waggon. I love the intricate detailing on this dress, especially the two tiny black bows which adorn the bottom half, as well as the elongated zip-up back, which is always a key selling point for myself (I need something I can easily get in and out of).  It screams preppy innocence and has serious connotations of down days wandering around Edinbrough or trying out sublime coffee shops in SoHo.  Anything that makes me seem cooler than I really am is a yes from me.

4. Lazy Oaf Heart Buckle Cord Dress (£75.00)

It is official, I have died and went to the most pristine and perfect corduroy heaven imaginable, thanks to Lazy Oaf.  Their current entire season has me bawking at my bank account, willing for the days to tick over until pay-day.  This is definitely one of the more favourable pieces on the site.  The square neckline compliments almost every body shape, as well as the above-the-knee-length making this pinafore easily transitional between day-to-evening. Throw in the three heart-shaped buckles and it’s true – I am in love.

5. Motel Rocks Halloween Oversized T-shirt Dress With Moon And Stars Print (£30.00)

If this is a specifically branded Halloween dress, then just make it Old Hallows Eve every night of the bloody year, please!  Dressed in the colour of wine, this almost smock-like dress is playfully short and a serious statement piece for every wardrobe.  Motel always manages to keep their prints bang-on the mark and this constellation print with larger stars and moons are beautiful.  Teamed with a pair of black Adidas gazelles and a pair of light-washed denim jeans, this dress can easily be made into an oversized top.  Versatile and essential, Motel, you beauties.


(Working from left to right)

  1. Rokoko Halloween Midi-Skirt In Sheer Glitter Mesh (£16.00)

Rokoko is a new brand on my radar but, what I have stumbled upon from them on the ASOS website, I am seriously digging it.  This glittery see-through skirt is from their designated Halloween range (which means that post-Halloween this beauty should be straight in the sale basket) and I sense some serious layering is about to take place. I imagine wearing this with a black Fred Perry polo shirt tucked into a bright bodycon skirt with this layered on top. I would not be confident enough to just wear this skirt with a body, so we’ll have to be creative if I do decide to purchase. I do like a challenge.

2. UNIF L8er Skirt (£59.76)

Slick, sophisticated yet with a rebel-edge – this button-through, yellow UNIF skirt with contrast piping is an essential piece for any yellow lover like myself. 911, yellow is taking over my life at the moment.  The skirt is extremely short, which means a pair of platform Vagabonds will go hand-in-hand to create a bottom-half look of sheer grunge.  With UNIF being based in America, I might have to wait for some more pieces to spring up on the website before I purchase this little number though.


Just like the skirt section of this wishlist, I have not found many jumpers that am racing around the house trying to find my purse so I can purchase them on the spot.  In all honesty, after trawling for the jumper of my dreams, I have only come across a couple, as detailed below.

(Working from left to right)

  1. Whistles Cropped Funnel Neck Jumper (£109.00)

This 100% hand-wash-only wool jumper comes in at the number 1 most expensive piece in Volume 1 of the fashion wishlist.  It’s Whistles, which means the price tag fits the quality, so we can let them off for placing this b-e-a-utiful jumper so high in the price bracket,  The cropped sapphire-coloured jumper looks like it would sit just on-top black high-waisted cords and with some patent doc martens on the bottom, you’d be running errands in the most spectacular fashion.

2. Dickies Briggsville Purple Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt (£45.00)

I swear by the men’s section in Urban Outfitters for when my soul needs something cosy, super-oversized and warm. Winner, winner – here we are – this deep almost-royal purple jumper from Dickies.  A steal at £45.00, I simply adore how simple this crew-neck throw on is.  The hem, neckline and cuffs are all ribbed, which means a rolled-up sleeve and a shortened hem is achievable – which is always great when you are not quite a men’s size small.

Tops & T-Shirts

(Working from left to right)

  1. Fred Perry Tipped Crew Neck T-Shirt (£45.00)

In a washed-pink which almost looks like a blush with black tipped sleeves, this top is ticking all of the boxes.  Fred Perry crewnecks suit my shoulder and neck shape perfectly, giving me the ultimate flattery.  This top is in the standard Honeycomb cotton pique material, making it both breathable and soft on the skin.  FP polo-shirts never seem to suit me (no matter how hard I try) so this t-shirt is the perfect alternative.  That is going straight in my basket.

2. Lazy Oaf Velour Striped Polo Shirt (£48.00)

Lazy Oaf offer 10% student discount, which means if (*WHEN) I purchase this contrasting-colour striped polo, it is going to be a steal at 43 quid.  Just like the heart-buckled pinafore dress mentioned earlier, the detailing really has me sold on this Lazy Oaf polo.  I am all heart-eye emoji for that heart-shaped ring pull.  Effortlessly cool due to the simplicity, these colours would go perfectly with a pair of spotty, burgundy tights I have loitering at the back of draws, alongside the previously-mentioned washed black ASOS pinafore dress and my trusty vagabond platforms.  It is like the universe WANTS me to buy it…

3. Nasty Gal For Your Love Mesh Top (£15.00)

Now the ONLY problem I have with Nasty Gal is that the quality sometimes resembles that of Missguided.  I do not mind fast fashion when the price down in the gutter, and I do not want to wear a piece more than a handful of times, but my adoration for this star-print mesh top is through the bloody roof.  Basically, the only reason I haven’t clicked ‘Go To Checkout’ on this longsleeved top is in case the quality is poor.  I do not think I can afford to be disappointed. Does anybody want to buy it first and let me know how it is? Pretty please, with sugar on top.

4. Nasty Gal So Cowl Hearted Shirt (£25.00)

Oh, look at that cowl neck and contrasting cuffs situation! It is oversized, meaning it would go swimmingly well with an “I-ate-too-much-at-Sunday-brunch” pair of loosely-fitting denim jeans and perhaps a pair of electric blue block-heeled mules on the bottom?  Whatcha’ think?  Yeah, I think it would be banging too.  Nasty Gal, be prepared for an incoming order.

So, there we have it.  The first volume of my fortnightly wishlist, brimming with the things I need and want to enhance my wardrobe.  Which piece can you see in your collection and how would you style it?  Stay tuned for more fashiony bits soon.


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Fashion | Resort 2016 by Christian Dior

Plaid for as far as the eye can gaze, nipped in waists, nostalgic bold prints and iconic ruffles; the Resort 2016 Christian Dior collection feels like we’ve just walked barefoot into a peaceful summer revolution.


A rebellion against the plain: the celebrated Dior collection – featuring over fifty looks designed by the iconic, Raf Simons – was showcased in full-frontal glory in Le Palais Bulles, a venue brimming with homely enthusiasm and invigorating charm.  While the heat may have been cranked up in the palace, situated between Cannes and Monaco; Dior dashed doubts of their sublime coolness faltering, by presenting their startling, boundary-pushing garments, making up the Resort 2016 Collection.



The demanding, vivid prints of the Dior collection ruled the runway.  The striking, foiled print dress, modeled by Grace Hartzel (left), and ruffle-plunge mini dress, worn by Katya Ledneva, are two of the most eye-catching pieces of the collection, simultaneously helping Dior to make their nostalgic mark in this season as well as propelling them into the future.

Net and crochet also have an intelligent hand to play when shaping the future of the fashion industry.  In the looks below, it’s clear to see that Dior are not looking for the simplicity, minimalism and maturity dominating fashion at the moment.  Instead, they’re looking towards pretty, preppy, poppy and in-your-face prints: a daunting thought for those of us who crave the satisfaction of being slimmed down by an all-black ensemble.

The name of the game where the Resort 2016 Christian Dior collection is concerned is: making an impactful difference.  A hole has been created and flair, excitement and overall experiment seems to be filling the gap quickly.

You can see the full fifty-three outfit previews on by clicking here.

Ella Scott

_A2X0888 _A2X1396

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Fashion | Just Peachy by

If Taylor Swift and Iggy Azealia were to comment upon Just Peachy‘s lingerie range; the entire collection would be branded The New Classic and would  be pronounced to be so versatile, that the pieces will definitely “never go out of style”.

Glamour without the price tag: Just Peachy is the lingerie range which both looks and feels fantastic.  Pair these two solid factors with the reality of being able to fully indulge yourself in reams of different underwear combinations, due to its insanely low prices, and we’re onto a startlingly brilliant combination.

Scraping the barrel with the remains of my Christmas hoard of vouchers, I managed to snag a trio of pretty pieces from the Just Peachy collection, including two lacy balconette bras and a matching thong.


The two bras I picked up were from the Just Peachy Lace Non Padded Balconette Bra range, which are available in various colours, including: Jade Green, Navy, Purple/Gold and Red/Bordeaux.  I opted for the Navy (which is currently reduced from £19.00 to £7.50) and Red/Bordeaux (reduced from £19.00 to £13.50) both in a 30E.


The Red/Bordeaux and Navy balconette bra’s feature a floral lace cup with no padding.  While the Navy edition boasts an all-over colour coverage, the Red/Bordeaux hosts three bows in a soft pink, contrasting with the wine-colour(also featuring on matching thong) which acts as the perfect for enhancing the skin tones of the palest right through to the richest.   A must-have colour for any lingerie enthusiast.

The bra itself, however admiral as its looks are, runs slightly smaller than expected.  When purchasing this particular bra, I would warn to upgrade both your regular cup and band size.  Other than the disappointing sizing issue, the bra’s colour, material and seam work cannot be faulted.

While the matching knickers to the Navy bra may have already been clawed by everyone, I luckily managed to find the matching thong for the Red/Bordeux bra.  Featuring the same floral pattern which is extenuated in a more-sheer affair; the thong fits like a glove and is extremely pleasurable on the eye.



Upon figuring out the sizing issue, I can definitely say that I will be urging: my mother, my friends, my cat and random strangers I will probably scare in Costa with my enthusiasm this weekend to give the Just Peachy range from the once-over.

Ella Scott

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Fashion | Missguided Haul

While the summer season draws increasingly nearer and the clock begins its final countdown on the time some of us have left to perfect the ultimate ‘beach body’; it seems like the perfect excuse to pre-meditate the weather of the next few months and shop till you drop.

In need of a whole new summer wardrobe?  Looking for something to wow the crowd on your next night out in the big city?  Looking for a pair of barely-there heels that won’t leave you limping home in a messy puddle at 2AM?  Look no further: Missguided have it all covered.

Missguided, the popular online retailer, is a must for students on a strict I-can’t-afford-this budget who still want high end, extremely great quality clothing items.  With my holiday to Magaluf approaching quicker than I have time to blink, Missguided was my one-stop-shop for vacation basics.  Alongside my holiday wear, inspired by Parks & Recreation’s ‘Treat yo’ Self’ I also decided to opt for some more dressy items.

missguidedOne of the first items in my haul were these neon coral Missguided running shorts.  Part of the new Missguided Activewear range, these shorts double as the perfect, airy exercise shorts for getting your sweat on, as well as casual throw-ons.  The drawstring shorts with embellished Missguided ‘M’ are a complete steal for only £10 – a sure bargain!



Active running shorts, coral – £10

Sticking to the holiday theme, a pair of simple, high-waisted denim shorts are a must to survive in blazing heat.  These light blue denim shorts come with custom DIY rips and for only £22, it’s impossible to go wrong with this basic essential.  Paired with either the Boyfriend V-Neck T-Shirt, white, or Kimberley plunge bodysuit, black – casual summer days or out-on-the-town styles can effortlessly be achieved.


Nicole high-waisted ripped detail denim shorts, light blue – £22


Boyfriend V-neck t-shirt, white – £8


Kimberley plunge bodysuit, black – £8

With neon being a regular contender for the most exciting (yet intensely difficult) colour to wear, this Pansitta neon orange shift dress from Missguided is the best of both worlds.  The vibrant colour married to the flattering shape makes this dress one of the best items in the Missguided range for turning heads and drawing mass attention.  Your friends will be gushing with envy.


Pansitta neon orange shift dress – £18

With this season boasting reams and reams of monochrome styles and pairings, it seems that white could possibly be the new black? (Did we speak too soon?)  This show-stopping fishnet / mesh panel bikini, in white, is flirty, fun and not to mention extremely comfortable.  Show off your figure this summer in this flattering triangle bikini, which comes slightly padded for an extra boost.  Missguided’s bikini range is fantastic and this is just one of the many pieces available from the range.


Mesh panel triangle bikini, white – £25

Moving away from the holiday shop, Missguided’s going out range is tantalisingly beautiful.  Picking up two items in the range which prides itself on the ability to create sexy silhouettes; the pieces are tied together with the addition of the white croc Barely-there strappy heeled sandals.  Versatile is the name of the game where these heels are concerned.  Dress them up with the Black eyelash lace bralet or Sleeveless wrap over bodysuit in black to create a killer night-time look, or pair them with the light blue denim shorts and white Boyfriend V-neck T-shirt to create the ultimate, sophisticated lunch-date outfit.



Barely-there strappy heeled sandals, white croc – £25
Black eyelash lace bralet – £15


Sleeveless wrap over bodysuit, black – £15


Missguide’s current range is at a phenomenal price and is met with overall pleasure and radiating satisfaction!  I can’t wait to jet away on holiday now.


Ella Scott