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It is ridiculous that it has taken me until the second month of 2018, to discover the power of podcasts.  When I was younger, in the days where the female powerhouses of Fearne Cotton, Edith Bowman and Jo Whiley ruled the radio airwaves, I would religiously download podcast catchups of shows I had missed while ‘studying at school’.  After I stopped waking up to Radio 1 and became a lethargic, lazy git, I believed my short-lived podcast listening days were over… Until extremely recently.

Two podcasts I have initially focused upon and listened to are Estée Lalonde’s The Heart Of It and the infamous and highly-commended My Dad Wrote A Porno. If you are unfamiliar with the latter then you can imagine what the podcast itself could perhaps entail.

I am a massive Alice Lavine fan (obviously my adoration is not that gigantic otherwise I would have embarked on the odyssey of the gleeful giggling way before now) and have followed her movements both on Radio 1 and more recently on the podcast tour itself.  This has made me even more obsessed with MDRAP.  The power of social media, folks.

After discovering this slice of humorous audio heaven and Estée’s powerful depiction of thoughts, I decided I was converted – a slave to the podcast.  I was ravished and needed more female voices to coax me further into the fire pit.  After some initial hunting, I have discovered and fallen head-over-heels in passionate love with three podcasts by females, specifically for females.  Let me share them with you so you too can join my fan club.  Sign painting, decoration and creation are at 7 pm tomorrow evening.

The Fringe Of It – Liv Purvis & Charlotte Jacklin

First up: my girl-crush creative Liv Purvis (of WhatOliviaDid.com) and the colourful ray of sunshine Charlotte Jacklin (of bettymagazine.co.uk) have collaborated together once again – this time in the form of a motivational chin-wag, better known as The Fringe Of It.

New on the circuit, this podcast is the perfect insight into both Purvis & Jacklin’s everyday lives, as well as hosting a platform for their opinions on subjects such as ambition within the blogging world, an effort made with certain friendships and comparison on the gram.  I have never called Instagram ‘the gram’ before, and I probably never will again… Do NOT screenshot this.

In each 40-50 minute chat, the dream duo put the world to right and allow you to be transported into a seat adjacent to them – metaphorically dunking biscuits, nodding and being able to resonate with what these successful business women think and believe in.

They radiate positivity and, so far in the three episodes that have been released into the world, a breath of fresh air has come from these two incredibly important female voices.  Not everything is perfect in this little online bubble we build ourselves, there is always room for growth and, most importantly: that fabulous company can keep you entertained for hours.

These are the mantras of The Fringe Of It.

Love Stories – Dolly Alderton

I am definitely having a love-affair with Dolly Alderton and her abundance of work in various mediums at the moment.  I discovered her extremely recently via Twitter and have since been in utter awe.  Like I said, sign making is at 7 pm sharp…. Perhaps we could extend the session and create a paper-mache head to honour our idol, Alderton?  You can never go too far where art is concerned.

This is not a ‘confess my ever-growing obsession for Alderton’ session, I will stop it.  What it is, however, is a gush of exhilaration and glorification towards her latest venture into the world of podcasts – Love Stories.

(My trusty Orla Kiely’s only have one wing, I know.  I stepped on them recently and now I am rocking the one-armed glasses look until payday swings around.  Trials and tribulations.)

The format is simple yet lusciously effective – Alderton chats confidently and casually to various faces in the media, including The Crown actress, Vanessa Kirby and GBBO-alumni (that is Great British Bake-off for you uncultured swine) Ruby Tandoh about their first loves, self-love and every other form of infatuation in-between.  Startlingly raw with a continual flow and a snapshot into the real lives of her carefully chosen guests – ‘Love Stories’ is already huge, and we are only on episode four of the series.

Grab your paper mache head, I will get the signs and the pitchforks – we are demanding more, and we want it fast.

The One Girl Band Podcast – Lola Hoad

You cannot talk about motivational, realist opinions coming from inspiring creatives without Lola Hoad’s name being thrown in.  This Brighton-based babe and her The One Girl Band Podcast is the sole reason for my own confidence (and so many other young women’s who are attempting to make a career online) soaring beyond limits.

Being a self-employed creative is difficult and Hoad knows it – that is what makes this podcast special.  She speaks from the heart and snaps taboos elegantly, delicately and in a way which makes you utter “yeah, I could do that too”.  She talks your mind into being productive in a calm, non-abrasive manner – unlike the steroid-happy ‘motivational talks’ I accidentally stumble upon via Instagram Stories from old school chums.  They, my friends, do not work half as well as Hoad’s ethereal voice.

From marketing yourself without cringing, the basics of successfully working from home and how to avoid the dreaded burn out at all costs – Hoad gently lifts us up, fills our ears with melodic music and makes us feel invincible… Sounds like my mindset after a cheeky bottle of prosecco on a Tuesday evening.

If you cannot tell, upon discovering that the Podcast app is not solely useless on my iPhone, inspiration from these four ladies have infiltrated my mind and penetrated my work already.  I feel rejuvenated, excited – and even ready to spill the beans on my first loves (PS. It was Callum McGregor from Malorie Blackman’s ‘Naughts and Crosses’ series if you were wondering.)

Send me your podcast suggestions!  Who should be next on my list?  Also, any POC/femme podcaster suggestions would be magical.  Fire me an email, comment on this post or sniff me out on social media – I would love to know what was next.

Ella Scott

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