aw18 goals + aspirations

While this August is not exactly what I would class as autumnal, it does fall in the back end of the year (believe it or not).  Thus, the marker for my AW18 goals to jump from has been placed.  If you would like to see how my August-December goals differ from my January-June SS18 commandments, click here.  

Comfortably be titled a fashion writer

I do not know exactly when the pin dropped, but I have slowly and surely opened my eyes to fashion journalism this year. I have gone gaga over Oprah Winfrey donning a Stella McCartney taffeta gown,  and debating whether Gen-Z Yellow really is about to eclipse Millenial Pink… Who have I become?

In the second half of 2018, I would like to continue aboard this fashion train and ride it until I find a comfortable point to relish in my harvest.  At some point this year I would like to comfortably market myself as a fashion writer.  I still have time.

Religiously keep a diary 

Recently, I rediscovered my childhood diaries, keepsakes and letters under my bed.  Naturally, they were filled with cringe-worthy moping, obsessing over boys who did not know I existed, detailed intense-at-the-time friend fall-outs and ultimately created mounds of longing nostalgia for my childhood.  I have not kept a diary since moving to Manchester (almost three years ago) and, due to laughing, crying and fondly reminiscing, it is a habit I would like to pick back up again.

Find the rhythm with working-out

If you follow my constant Instagram Stories updates, you will know that I have fallen deeply, passionately and harder than ever before in love with swimming.  Since joining a Virgin Active Gym my days have become *that* much sweeter, but I am still yet to find the rhythm and drive to go almost every day.

In one of her monthly guest posts, Kate Shepherd discussed how finding your perfect training time can positively aid your motivation and enjoyment levels.  As well as experimenting with times to find a preferred rhythm, I want to attempt to branch out of the pool and into a couple yoga, pilates and spin classes.  It is all about finding that rhythm in the next five months.

Eat my way around Manchester

There is not anything I love more than trooping out in my glad-rags to a cool concept restaurant in Manchester for a munch and a natter.  Due to this potentially being my last year in Manchester, I am making it my mission to eat my way around the city in style.

I want to taste the flavour and savour the culture, dive into the unknown and feel the sensations of comfort.  I have a huge list I want to tackle, and the latter half of 2018 is going to be all about food, food and more food.  Expect Cigarette Sounds to be inundated with food recommendations shortly.  Send me yours, too!


Learn how to organise my time more efficiently 

If something can be put off until tomorrow, then I shall endeavour to fulfil that ethos.  Since AW18 shall see me embarking on my final year of University, as well as starting in the Editors position at Gigslutz, gaining another part-time job, running my blog, freelance work and all the fun, social and exercising bits in between – it is plain to see I haven’t bloody got time to shovel my responsibilities onto tomorrow.

Whether a digital organiser, a hand-written diary, to-do lists or set days to do certain tasks; there must be something out there that will allow time to thrive effectively. 

Any tips are greatly appreciated! 

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