Friday Favourites #1

Friiiiiiday.  I’ve spent the day walking, swimming, and reading under the covers.  I may have napped under them too after eating a homemade milk/white chocolate cookie hybrid – but who can blame me?  Like the rest of the country, The Great British Bake-Off has me causing fires in the kitchen again and hanging on for Tuesday evenings.  I might make weekly bakes a thing.  Below are five things I have been loving this week including East Asian Literature, Alan Partridge and IG Reels!


Leopard Print Clothing

Leopard print is back, baby!  I’ve been skirting the print for a while but the love has rekindled.  A true love story for the ages. The first of two leopard print outfits this week was a Topshop Blouse (similar linked) which I found at the back of my draws.  The frilly sleeve situation is everything!  I am currently on the hunt for a pair of faux leather trousers to tuck this into – just imagine the possibilties.


From The Oast House by Alan Partridge

My love for Cock Piss Partridge is endless.  If you asked me how many times I have watched I’m Alan Partridge on Netflix then the answer I would give you would be a lie.  The number is honestly too high to not be embarrassed about.  Thanks to his new Audible exclusive ‘podcast’, From The Oast House, my obsession is back in full swing.  From The Oast House is a deliciously balanced Partridge sandwich – a hearty slab of laughs, a quick butter of tragedy, and a fantastic crunch of cynicism.  Quick-witted and funny, listen to this on your daily commute or your trip to the supermarket.  I dare you.


Turmeric Tofu Scramble

I have been living for tofu scramble on toast this week.  I’ve been eating it at home and on my breaks at work and I am even thinking about having it for tea.  Is twice in one day excessive?  Notoriously hard to season, I have seemingly perfected my scrambled recipe.  A pinch of salt, a crack (or 5) of pepper, some balsamic vinegar and a hearty sprinkle of turmeric.  Sounds weird but I am really ONTO SOMETHING HERE.  Drizzle with a layer of BBQ sauce or serve with smashed avocado, spinach, and sriracha.  Ooooh yes. 


East Asian Literature

Be prepared for a mammoth September Book Review post as I have been reading a LOT.  This month I have really tried to be mindful of the authors I have picked up (AKA making sure they are not all white and English) and something which has massively sparked my interest in East Asian Literature.  East Asian Literature consists of work written by authors in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and more.  Two books I have loved reading this month are Before the Coffee Gets Cold, written by Japanese author by Toshikazu Kawaguchi, and The Disaster Tourist, by Korean author Yun Ko-Eun.  The latter is actually a translated text which is something I never opt for – but definitely will be now!  Although vastly different, I would definitely recommend both short novels.


IG Reels

Reels, reels, reels, reels.  I have never heard the word reel so much until this week.  If you do not know, Instagram rolled out Reels a couple weeks ago.  It is basically a video platform like IGTV with a 15-second video limit.  In other words, it is basically TikTok for Instagram.  It is a space to be creative, show your flair for editing, inform, or entertain.  They are the things that are getting big views and big boosts on Instagram right now.  So, if you are looking for your account to grow – get on board with reels!  I posted my first this week – a morning skincare routine which you can watch here.  I have a few more in the pipeline too, so watch this space.  If you are wanting to get into Reels, definitely give Vix Meldrew (@vixmeldrew) and Alice Benham (@alice_benham) a follow!  They are the Reel Queens.  


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