music: lost & found betsy

Vocals which could seriously challenge Cher for the crown and a concoction of strings which could give The Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ a run for its money… These may be hefty comparisons, but where up-and-coming golden girl, Betsy, and her spanking new track ‘Lost & Found’ is concerned, they couldn’t be more accurate.

We covered Betsy way back in January, when her debut tune, ‘Endless Love’ and her Fair EP sent the internet into a fevered frenzy. This time, Wales’ most haunting voice has returned with the blinding ‘Lost & Found’, a track which is screaming out adoration.


Just shy of three minutes long, ‘Lost & Found’ winds a tight circle of emotion around the listener, gently caressing and squeezing on the heart. This compression is Betsy’s fool-proof plan for the world to fall head-over-heels in love with her. With an impeccable voice and presence throughout this track, who couldn’t?

Blindly listening to this track, you would recognise the Contralto vocal type of the female singer and automatically assume it was queen Cher herself. In fact, there’s also a bit of autotune slung in there. Could there finally be a contestant or even an heir to finally take over her rein? Is it Betsy?


While it is obviously Betsy’s vocals shining out on ‘Lost & Found’, the backing track, featuring a wholesome set of strings, really give the song a slick dosage of the 90’s. As previously stated, a strong comparison to that track which is accompanied by a video of Richard Ashcroft walking down the street can directly be heard. Cher and The Verve? Is this a modern day romance?

If nothing, ‘Lost & Found’ is a direct bulls eye, and our money is on Betsy to grow from strength to strength in the remainder of 2016. You can listen to the track via Spotify below.

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