Music | Bruce Soord by Bruce Soord

A minimalistic celebration of nostalgia: The Pineapple Thief’s frontman, Bruce Soord, has managed to capture the beauty of grieving, on his debut solo-album, Bruce Soord.

Set to be released on November 27th via Kscope, the first official solo offering from Soord combines: melancholy truths of the past (‘Black Smoke’, ‘Willow Tree’) with intense vulnerability (‘Buried Here’), to create a sorrowful tribute of remembrance.

Undoubtedly, what makes Bruce Soord’s debut LP so poignant, is his raw, storytelling talent: echoing particularly through tracks, ‘Leaves Leave Me’ and ‘Field Day Part 1’.  The latter, ‘Field Day Part 1’ –  and its shorter sister track, ‘Field Day Part 2’ –  perfectly pierces the idea that Soord is a grudge-riddled soul, seeking a creative outlet to expel.  With fleeting moments of power littered throughout, ‘Field Day Part 1’, the track is one of the more captivating to reside within, Bruce Soord.

Attempting to incorporate an alternative edge, Soord sadly tries-and-fails to spice up the grumbling, foundation of his solo effort, with penultimate track, ‘Familiar Patterns’ and ‘The Odds’.  While ‘Familiar Patterns’ hosts a weak, clammy guitar solo, and ‘The Odds’ fails to explode the rising punch growing throughout the track: it is fair to say that the LP’s crown of perfection slips to mediocre at best.

A concoction of distressing splendour and raw helplessness, Bruce Soord’s self-titled record emits moments of pure magnificence among damp and murky instances of nothingness.

You can grab Bruce Soord by Bruce Soord on Friday November 27th.

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