Music | Mess Around by Cage The Elephant

Drenched in the dreamy 90’s, Cage The Elephant‘s brand-spanking-new single, ‘Mess Around’, is the bands’ paramount comeback track.

The Kentucky four-piece’s first offering from their fourth album, Tell Me I’m Pretty, comes in the form of the boisterous, ‘Mess Around’.  A howling ode to the ‘American Dream’, ‘Mess Around’ boasts vintage, surf-pop vibes and jangly guitar riffs – allowing an explosion of energy, resembling Cage The Elephant’s early material.

Signalling the return of the American rock band to the forefront of music, it may be pretentious (yet completely justified) to believe that Matt Schutz, and his band of merry men, are set to release their finest body of work yet, if ‘Mess Around’ is anything to believe in.

Tell Me I’m Pretty, the forthcoming record from Cage The Elephant, is available on December 18th.

Listen to, ‘Mess Around’, below:

Ella Scott




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