Music | M3LL155X by FKA Twigs

Cocktailing unnerving madness with her own glassy, haunting slant on modern day R&B, FKA Twigs has managed to re-invent and rebrand herself as one of the most fascinating artists of the era, due to the innovative, surprise release of, M3LL155X.

Breaking the mould where her minimalistic release titles are concerned (LP1, EP2) M3LLI55X represents a reborn FKA Twigs; filled with fierce fire and raw vulnerability, facing the world with a bare attitude while honing an eerie edge.

Unafraid of the unknown, the experimental artwork of the M3LL155X EP sums up both the playfully-twisted-yet-matured nature of the BRIT award nominated female solo artist’s latest offering. Sinisterly uncanny with a mocking undertone, the M3LL155X EP artwork speaks utter volumes, sublimely representing the EP’s purpose.

Sinister whispers and twisted synthesisers makeup the bulk of M3LL155X‘s introductory opener, ‘figure 8’.  While speculations surrounding the stylised content of EP3 have been ripe with expectation since it’s March 2015 announcement, the beautiful bite of ‘figure 8’ puts assumptions of whether FKA Twigs could ever better LP1, to bed, for good.

The opening track’s legacy is quickly strengthened by the futuristically messy ‘i’m your doll’ and ‘in time’.  While both of these songs offer moments of revelation  (particularly the latter track, which features a stunning auto tune-manipulation from  the twenty-seven year old) it is ‘mothercreep’ which snags the bloodcurdling crown.

Stripped to the point where the festering a-capella-like vocal performance from FKA Twigs entwines itself with the listeners heart; ‘mothercreep’ is undoubtedly the jewel of M3LL155X.  Promising she’ll “be there soon”, the swooning sound of FKA Twigs is impeccable.  ‘mothercreep’ jarringly comes to a deafening halt before the EP takes you into a room of total, silent blackness.

The only escape route from the darkened space is to delve back into the drug.  The cure for the intoxication created from the M3LL155X EP are the songs themselves.  Madness overcomes and the wheel begins again.  These five songs are the gamechanging tracks of the year – believe in FKA Twigs.

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