gigs: The Horrors @ Riverside Newcastle

In retrospect, the evolution of Southend-On-Sea’s finest indie rock band, The Horrors, is a mesmerising image to behold and should ultimately be celebrated. Following their seminal fourth album, Luminous‘, release earlier this year; The Horrors – who have vastly matured since their obscure Strange House era – arrived at the second night of their October 2014 UK tour, to play to a packed Riverside Nightclub crowd, in Newcastle Upon-Tyne.

Commencing with Luminous opener ‘Chasing Shadows‘ and ‘In And Out Of Sight‘; The Horrors, cloaked with subdued florescent lights and bellowing smoke, humbly launched into their phenomenal career-spanning setlist. Primary Colours‘ tracks  ‘Sea Within A Sea‘ and the paramount ‘Who Can Say‘ seen pure, commanding power expelling itself from the gigantic Badwan, coming to a head when the immortal lines of: “And then I kissed her/with a kiss that could only mean goodbye” escaped his lips.

Although Riverside was alive with the dominating sound of Luminous (‘Falling Star‘ and ‘Change Your Mind‘ making it onto the setlist also) nods to the triumphant psychedelic era of The Horrors – 2009’s Skying – were delivered in the form of the mind-blowing ‘Still Life‘ and raucous ‘Endless Blue‘. As ‘Endless Blue‘ drew to a spectacular end however; arguably Luminous‘ greatest offering – the tremendous ‘I See You‘ – stole the limelight and crown, sending such perfect euphoria floating across the crowd.

Ending their faultless set with ‘So Now You Know‘ and the roaring, blood-pumping ‘Moving Further Away‘; the influential quintet made it startlingly clear why they’re so often hailed as being one of the greatest live bands you could possibly have the privilege of catching.

Ella Scott

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