Music | Introducing The Moth Lantern

Winning the support of BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 6 Music is arduous for any artist and an exceedingly more difficult task to accomplish for an unsigned band. However, managing to instantly win both the hearts of the legendary Steve Lamacq and Stuart Maconie are The Moth Lantern; one of the most interesting and innovative bands of the moment. You won’t believe it until you hear it. but this band – hailing from Lincoln – has the potential to rule the music scene in the near future.

Bundling the gigantic influences of Fleetwood Mac and the mighty Radiohead into their music, The Moth Lantern – consisting of Dan and Jo Clark, Eddie George and Jason Rungapadiachy – have brought Christmas early, by releasing their highly-commended debut album, Light Waves, earlier this year.

Two years before the release of their debut album however, The Moth Lantern found themselves gracing the Emerging Icons stage at the unforgettable London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  So, with that prestigious performance under their belts, their debut album had a tremendous expectation to live up to. Thankfully though, the band’s first album has soared and has slowly begun to break through the barriers of the mainstream.

Light Waves – the twelve-track debut album from The Moth Lantern – infuses modern acoustic rock with stomping, passionate vocal performances; both of which expel images of simply ravishing, picturesque beauty. Garnished with storming, heart-felt lyrics and wicked, sliding guitar riffs, The Moth Lantern’s Light Waves is easily one of the strongest contenders for the most intriguing sounding album released in 2014.

Highlights from the debut album come in the form of ‘Black Shapes’ and ‘Fall In’, with the latter showcasing the heavy, distinctive vocal of Rungapadiachy in all of its glory. Both of these tracks paint a crystal clear image of why this band’s sound is so peculiarly unique, appealing and, above all, incredibly special.

Light Waves, the fantastic debut album from The Moth Lantern, is available to download from iTunes and Amazon now, with the full twelve-track album being available to stream from Spotify also. This is a band for the future – don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

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