festivals: tom vek, split festival sunderland, 2014

Regardless of whether you’re living it large in Ibiza, up to your neck in mud at Glatonbury or surrounded by a carnival of multi-coloured sheep at Latitude, there’s always one artist or band at any festival who prints an everlasting memory on the brain. On Saturday at Sunderland’s Split Festival, the honour of making the unforgettable impact was delivered by none other than Tom Vek.

Headlining ‘Stage 2′, situated in a blackened marquee, the thirty-three year old Tom Vek created a swirling concoction of satisfaction through phenomenally preforming classic tracks from his debut album ‘We Have Sound’, ‘Leisure Seizure’ and sparkling new favourites from his most recent release ‘Luck’.

Pairing awkward geeky hand gestures, of which carved simultaneous grins across the audiences faces, with his radiating stage presenc – Tom Vek led the crowd into a whirlwind of pure bliss. The roaring marquee was alive with a resounding chorus sing-along to ‘Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)’ and ‘Pushing Your Luck’ both tracks were then met with the same deafening cheers as the well-loved ‘A Chore’.

After pummelling through hit after hit, Vek finished on an extraordinary high which was greeted by a passionate round of applause, cementing the fact that this unbelievably talented man is still the forerunner in the game, even after being absent for so long.

So,  if you chose not to witness Tom Vek give the most energetically heart-felt performance of the Saturday at Split Festival, then you should probably be kicking yourself right. You missed out: big time

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