music: songs of the week #2

St. Vincent – New York

Have we ever heard St. Vincent in a more raw, revealing and vulnerable state? The first minute of ‘New York’ easily sees Annie Clark putting her sublime, electronically-tuned vocal to a simple keyboard melody.  “I have lost a hero/I have lost a friend/but for you darling/I’d do it all again” pipes St. Vincent in the most gloriously, teary way possible. An angel without wings, St. Vincent’s comeback track ‘New York’ is a simple art form.

Arcade Fire – Signs Of Life

The Arcade Fire disco odyssey continues with this smorgasbord of funky, slick sounds.  Its as if they have taken a spoonful of marmite and hurled it at their fans – do you still love them, or is the ABBA tribute outfit divided your opinion?

Tyler, The Creator – Who Dat Boy

“Who dat boy? Who him is?”.  All hail the return of the modern-day controversialist rapper,  Tyler, The Creator.  We missed you boy, and so has the whole of Manchester apparently, as every teenager who has a car seems to have their windows rolled down, with ‘Who Dat Boy’ blasting through the sunny streets.  Intensely deep and horrifyingly menacing, ‘Who Dat Boy’ is a pioneering step in a not-so-diverse direction for Tyler, The Creator.

The Killers – ‘The Man’

Strange Bones vs Avelino FT. Stormzy & Skepta – Energy

Desire – Under Your Spell

Yes, this is from the Drive soundtrack and yes, this is about five/six years old.  However, due to a recent incident, this has been the main soundtrack to my week.  What can I say, I am a sucker for a song that gets my feelings.

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