Music | Bad Girl by Whinnie Williams

Placing words on the tongue of Madonna, sharing the limelight with Ellie Goulding and featuring on Professor Green‘s latest contribution: it’s no wonder all eyes are brightly set upon pop’s rising star, Whinnie Williams,  and her first official offering: the Bad Girl EP.

Channelling a vibe, voice and versatile style far beyond her years; Whinnie Williams‘ –  the alleged ‘lovechild’ of “Brigitte Bardot and Del Boy”- debut EP, Bad Girl, is a sugary, emotion doused wave of pure pop success.

Opening with ‘Don’t You Love Me‘ and seeing Williams sweetly spit the line “My friends don’t even like you/and my dog wants to bite you“, the EP immediately jolts the listener into a florescent pink-pop light and dashes any previous doubts of Williams being just  another pop mishap.

Following track ‘Break Hearts in your Sleep‘, showcases a more aesthetic edge to Williams, while juxtaposing third track, ‘Oopsy Daisy‘, wouldn’t go amiss in the Lily Allen Alright, Still era. Arguably the paramount track of the Bad GirlEP; ‘Oopsy Daisy‘ is a straight-up ‘sing-into-your-hairbrush’ teenage anthem with the potential to cast this EP, and Williams herself, head-first into the music hall of fame.

Bad Girl‘s final track ‘Stupid Things‘, featuring Williams‘ most poignant vocal performance, allows the listener to delve deep inside the heart of the future princess of pop, while making it crystal clear that soon enough, the previous pain felt by Williams shall transform into other-worldly pleasure.  Without a second thought, the Bad GirlEP is something special and the perfect set of songs to seriously propel Whinnie Williams into the thick of the mainstream.

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