Music | Interview with Darlia

Hailing from Blackpool, three-piece Darlia are embarking on a fast-paced rampage; quickly becoming the UK’s ‘next big thing’.  With their quirky spin on rock and their eagerly anticipated EP ‘Candyman’ due to be released later this month, it’s no denying that Darlia are revolutionising music.

I chatted to front-man Nathan Day about the new EP, how it feels to be compared to Nirvana and his discussions with Dr. Evil:

Darlia, you’ve been branded as ‘one of the most exciting new rock bands in the UK’, how does living up to that expectation affect the band’s music currently being produced?

Nathan: Everything that’s been released was actually recorded a while before it came out.  The songs that have been released so far were our first two trips to a proper recording studio, so naturally, sounded a bit trashy.  It definitely wasn’t intentional. I always say; “I never want to compromise sound quality to install an ethic”. I hate the idea of purposely making it sound bad to look ‘rock n’ roll’, I think it’s stupid. It’s like going to a posh restaurant and asking them to burn your food.

Before we go any further, the video for new single ‘Candyman’, takes the word ‘freaky’ to another level.  Man gets killed in the woods by a boy with a hook for a hand and an un-expecting girl gets sliced to death just before having sex.  Where did this twisted plot-line for the music video come from? 

Nathan: It sounds worse when reading it out, doesn’t it? The idea was a B-movie, over-the-top horror film music video, and the scenes were taken from a film from XXXXXXXX called XXXXXXXX.

‘Candyman’ is the first single, and also title track of your new EP, that gets released on 14th April.  In your own words how would you describe the sound of the EP?

Nathan: The EP sounds like two different recording studios and two different recording sessions; mainly because it is.  We did the tracks ‘Animal Kingdom’ & ‘Blood Money’ in Liverpool, after we decided that they would follow ‘Candyman’ on the EP. I don’t think it sounds ‘scuzzy’ or ‘grunge’, which are words I’ve read a few times describing it.

Your controversial tracks ‘Napalm’ and ‘Queen Of Hearts’ won admiration from Radio 1’s Zane Lowe & Huw Stephens immediately.  How have things changed, if at all for the band, since gaining air-time on prestigious radio stations?

Nathan: People take you more seriously, as shallow as it is. We appreciate the support from Radio 1.  People don’t like to be told what sounds good, because maybe it ruins the magic of discovering it yourself. I want our music to be exposed in a big way, so it’s great to have Radio 1 on board.

When you see publications constantly hyping that Darlia are ‘the new Nirvana’, or sound ‘Nirvana-ish’, or anything early nineties grunge related, what is your first initial reactions? 

Nathan: My initial reactions to the ‘grunge’ comparisons are staring blankly for about 3 minutes. We aren’t grunge: grunge isn’t my cuppa’ tea.  I can’t dispute anyone who likes grunge and likes our music and I never will – but we aren’t ‘revivalists’.  All that’s been released at the moment was literally what we were doing at the time; playing in basements and abandoned buildings.  We released our easiest to listen to, simplest first, in order for the timeline to make sense.

Since the band is performing on the festival circuit this summer, does this potentially foreshadow the release of your debut album in the near future?

Nathan: It does!

Along the debut album road, if you could chose any debut album by any artist (alive or dead) that you wish you had written and released, what would it be? 

Nathan: Probably Black Sabbath’s self-titled debut album; ‘Black Sabbath’ by Black Sabbath, because then, I’d rest assured ‘Paranoid’ was coming next.

Since ditching your job as cleaners to become the futures rock stars, and embarking on a headline tour earlier this year, what have been some your personal highlights of your careers so far?

Nathan: To think a matter of months ago, we were on our knees scraping every shade of brown off toilets: so getting to go to places you’ve never been is a blessing. Up until last week, the furthest I’d ever been for a show was Brighton. We just got back from Holland the other day playing a festival; I had to get a passport for travelling abroad!

And finally Darlia, you’ve already started conquering the UK from the underground up, how long will it be until you take over the world?

Nathan: Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve been speaking with Dr. Evil and Mini Me, and we’ve come to an agreement. Watch out!

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