Portraying Your Feelings On The Internet Is Not Always Good

Portraying Your Feelings On The Internet Is Not Always Good

If you are a long-time prowler of my musings then you will already know that I tend to document the troublesome times of my life on the internet.  If you are also a serial online stalker (like me…) then you may also have realised that these woeful posts have vanished from my bright little corner [...]

A Love Letter To Sankeys

Dismay; disappointment; alarm; confusion; panic; apprehension; Sadness; unease; distress; startle; scare; agitation; anxiety; fear; Nightmare; trepidation; worry; astonishment; hurt.   To Sankeys, At eighteen I had, had consumed too much liquid substance and fell down your tremendously steep stairs, falling almost to my doom, into the arms of a florescent statue.  The guard grunted and [...]

music: warehouse project, wttw preview 2016

Welcome To The Warehouse – Saturday 24th September https://www.thewarehouseproject.com/event/whp16-launch-party   Rub the sleep out of your eyes and adorn your prized wavey garms for the second day/night of the 2016 edition of the Warehouse Project.  Manchester might have seen M.I.A opening WHP16, however, tonight’s headline slot belongs to techno giant Adam Beyer. Elsewhere on the [...]