A Lazy Jaunt to Madrid 2017

A Lazy Jaunt to Madrid 2017

When I think about the beautiful country of Spain I imagine four things: the sun, sea food, sangria and the sea. However, for once, I decided to swap my idea of a perfect, lazy holiday - which always includes lounging on the beach with a mojito resting in my palm and downing buckets of sangria [...]


A stylish stay with Ibis: Liverpool

If you know me then you know I’m all about last minute plans, usually because I always leave things to the very possible last second to organise. So, on Sunday morning when I realised I needed somewhere to live temporarily post-Liverpool Sound City, I quickly jumped on the internet and luckily discovered a twin room [...]

Lifestyle | 48 Hours In Edinburgh

There’s nothing better than an impromptu adventure to relight the spark in your eyes, open your arms to embrace the different and entice you into tasting the exotic.  In this case, the ‘exotic’ may of consisted of fried potato cakes and Blue Moon for breakfast, and the ‘different’ may have been gallivanting up Prince’s Street [...]