Paperchase Haul: University Edition 1

So many of my friends and other people that I know (mainly friends who used to be friends but aren’t friends anymore) started their second term at university almost a month ago.  However, I just properly started last week.  Do I feel like a little bit of a slacker?  Maybe just a tad. 

Since I’m starting up uni again, beginning new topics and preparing my brain to be filled with information I never dreamed of knowing, I desperately needed something to write it all down in.  Motivation to go to university = purchasing new stationery from Paperchase… Right?



For the start of my second university term, I popped into Manchester city centre’s Paperchase to get some bits-and-bobs which will actually make me want* to sit in four hour-long lectures… Seriously, can anything really make you want to do that? *FORCE ME

First on the list were notebooks, and I accidently on purpose bought six.  I study a combined honours course, which means I study two subjects instead of one.  I therefore, study the likes of shorthand at the same time I am analysing Bridget Jones’ Diary and a Pukka Pad is definitely not vast enough for that subject diversity. This was me convincing myself I needed six notebooks, so I could have one for every subject I was taking.

Three of the six notebooks I picked up were the same large, handcrafted books in a ruled A5 size. The first of the trilogy was in a beautiful dark pink, with white embossed embroidery, featuring little beads and a plush bird.  So cute and pretty, perfect for jotting notes down on the pages.


The second, following the chunky 3D effect is a fruit cocktail notebook.  Adorned with tiny beads, making up the watermelon seeds and the rough pineapple face, the cover features these two fruits, along with geometric, abstract kiwi fruits and oranges.  Bursting with pinks, greens and yellows, the notebook is great for healthy eating motivation as I tuck into my biscuits at the back of the lecture theatre.  You win some, you lose some, but at least my stationary collection is looking a bit brighter than my future right now.


Third and finally in the pack is an alternative, floral notebook.  The muted pinks, light greens and dark blues allow the vibrant violet stems of the abstract flowers to stand out on the cover.  I wanted something that wasn’t as in-your-face feminine as the first, baby pink notebook, but still wanted something that I would pull out my bag and be like “Oh this is so nice, why am I wasting it on university notes?” Hence, my purchase of this little number.


I also picked up something which I think is in the Paperchase 2017 Valentine’s Day collection? I do not know whether it was the oversized, lopsided red heart or the glittery pink casing that gave it away, but I reckon this book is definitely over-feminine, even by my standards.  However it is extremely quirky and way more flexible than the previous three notebooks, as well as not being as bulky.  It comes in an A5 size with lined pages also. Absolutely lush.


Moving on up from the A5 size and going super macho with the A4, I scored myself a gorgeous gold journal and a soft, coral pink moleskin-inspired notebook.  The former features a gold front with white geometric shapes running across it, as well as a gold bookband.  The latter, is simply soft and pink.  Simple yet extremely effective, both gorgeous and ones that I can love to document my university dramas in. ‘Failed this exam, write better notes next time, Ella.’

636207870219408525_afterlight_edit 636207871063223593_afterlight_edit


I have actually bought some other things from Paperchase and there are still notebooks left in the Manchester store, don’t panic.  I picked up four pens – two basic blue ballpoint pens with contemporary patterns, and two black pens –a bright pencil case (for said pens) as well as some animal-adorned sticky notes, which are definitely going to save me from highlighting every single page in my uni reading books (‘my copy of The Lovely Bones’ is literally a blur of bright yellow right now) as well as helping me to remember key quotes for May exams.  NOTE: both of the black pens write like a DREAM.  Both specifics are listed at the bottom of the post.

636207856493497607_afterlight_edit 636207857243730700_afterlight_edit



Cheekily, I also bought something stationary-wise for university which isn’t from Paperchase, but I thought I would include it here anyways.  It is this brilliantly different 2017 cat diary from Etsy! As you can see, there are a series of hand-stitched cats (one with a pretend cat bell) as well as a fish on the front.  The cover is in beige, a change from my other potentially-garish buys.  Bought from Etsy Shop Mypipsqueak, which is based in Chester, UK, I instantly fell in love with the diary and HAD to buy it!  Vicky, who runs Mypipsqueak is also so lovely, and wrapped the diary up beautifully.  A wonderful lady with sheer talent!



Are there any purchases that I made which you need to get ASAP?  I’ve linked all of the items listed below (apart from the ones in the Paperchase sale / are no longer listed) so that you can browse to your heart’s content!

Ella Scott

(I wish this was the case, Alice Cooper, but I’m just getting started)


Pink Floral Notebook
Valentines Heart Notebook
Fruit Geo Hand-Stitched Notebook
Paradise Hand Stitched Notebook – 

Peach soft-ruled Notebook – 

Animal Gang Sticky Notebook – 

Stripes Ball Pens (2) – 

Pilot V-Ball Liquid Black Ink Pen – 

Uni-Ball UB-157 Eye Black Pen – 

Heron Square Pencil Case –

Cat Diary


Products | Lights4Fun Fairy Lights Review #lovemylights

How do you instantly brighten up your home, send a warm vibe running throughout and make a room look insanely pretty? Fairy Lights of course, duh.

So, I’ve recently just moved into a new flat along the canal in Castlefield, Manchester and, although beautiful, it needs some serious TLC. Although it’s ridiculously spacious and the set up is right up my street, it’s a little well-worn for my liking, however, it’s nothing a lick of paint and some love can’t change, right? One of the ways I’ve made this flat feel like home is through stringing up some Lights4fun Plug In Fairy Lights.

If you haven’t heard of Lights4fun then where have you been? They have an online superstore of a variety of fairy lights, Festoon lights, Firefly Bell Jars and basically just loads of really, really cool stuff. My little mitts wanted it all however, I played it safe and got two boxes of the Plug In 40 Fairy Lights in Warm White.

636114375041765448_afterlight_edit 636114377239668696_afterlight_edit 636114378440137243_afterlight_edit 636114379703302956_afterlight_edit 636114380749762763_afterlight_edit 636114381455445828_afterlight_edit 636114382475715827_afterlight_edit 636114384236437277_afterlight_edit 636114385037749862_afterlight_edit 636114385565799845_afterlight_edit

As you can see from the pictures they are so pretty! The colour isn’t too garish but instead it’s inviting and neutral, perfect for a calming, relaxing bedroom setting. There are forty LED lights on each 3m lead wire meaning, that with two, I have 80 sparkling bubbles of light around my window and above my bed.

I’m ordered these fairy lights via Amazon however you can also order them from their official website. The link will be at the bottom of this piece. I’m definitely planning on getting some more, I’m eyeing up the Amber Sunflower LED lights and the 16 piece Warm White LED Rattan Ball Wicker Fairy Lights for my next purchase… There’s never too many fairy lights up, is there?

They were so easy to put up – I bought some basic drawing pins and hi the wires behind my wall hangings. Easy peasy.

If you’ve purchased lights from Lights4Fun share your pictures with the #lovemylights hashtag via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest!

Ciao for now,

Ella Scott


Fashion | Resort 2016 by Christian Dior

Plaid for as far as the eye can gaze, nipped in waists, nostalgic bold prints and iconic ruffles; the Resort 2016 Christian Dior collection feels like we’ve just walked barefoot into a peaceful summer revolution.


A rebellion against the plain: the celebrated Dior collection – featuring over fifty looks designed by the iconic, Raf Simons – was showcased in full-frontal glory in Le Palais Bulles, a venue brimming with homely enthusiasm and invigorating charm.  While the heat may have been cranked up in the palace, situated between Cannes and Monaco; Dior dashed doubts of their sublime coolness faltering, by presenting their startling, boundary-pushing garments, making up the Resort 2016 Collection.



The demanding, vivid prints of the Dior collection ruled the runway.  The striking, foiled print dress, modeled by Grace Hartzel (left), and ruffle-plunge mini dress, worn by Katya Ledneva, are two of the most eye-catching pieces of the collection, simultaneously helping Dior to make their nostalgic mark in this season as well as propelling them into the future.

Net and crochet also have an intelligent hand to play when shaping the future of the fashion industry.  In the looks below, it’s clear to see that Dior are not looking for the simplicity, minimalism and maturity dominating fashion at the moment.  Instead, they’re looking towards pretty, preppy, poppy and in-your-face prints: a daunting thought for those of us who crave the satisfaction of being slimmed down by an all-black ensemble.

The name of the game where the Resort 2016 Christian Dior collection is concerned is: making an impactful difference.  A hole has been created and flair, excitement and overall experiment seems to be filling the gap quickly.

You can see the full fifty-three outfit previews on by clicking here.

Ella Scott

_A2X0888 _A2X1396


Fashion | Just Peachy by

If Taylor Swift and Iggy Azealia were to comment upon Just Peachy‘s lingerie range; the entire collection would be branded The New Classic and would  be pronounced to be so versatile, that the pieces will definitely “never go out of style”.

Glamour without the price tag: Just Peachy is the lingerie range which both looks and feels fantastic.  Pair these two solid factors with the reality of being able to fully indulge yourself in reams of different underwear combinations, due to its insanely low prices, and we’re onto a startlingly brilliant combination.

Scraping the barrel with the remains of my Christmas hoard of vouchers, I managed to snag a trio of pretty pieces from the Just Peachy collection, including two lacy balconette bras and a matching thong.


The two bras I picked up were from the Just Peachy Lace Non Padded Balconette Bra range, which are available in various colours, including: Jade Green, Navy, Purple/Gold and Red/Bordeaux.  I opted for the Navy (which is currently reduced from £19.00 to £7.50) and Red/Bordeaux (reduced from £19.00 to £13.50) both in a 30E.


The Red/Bordeaux and Navy balconette bra’s feature a floral lace cup with no padding.  While the Navy edition boasts an all-over colour coverage, the Red/Bordeaux hosts three bows in a soft pink, contrasting with the wine-colour(also featuring on matching thong) which acts as the perfect for enhancing the skin tones of the palest right through to the richest.   A must-have colour for any lingerie enthusiast.

The bra itself, however admiral as its looks are, runs slightly smaller than expected.  When purchasing this particular bra, I would warn to upgrade both your regular cup and band size.  Other than the disappointing sizing issue, the bra’s colour, material and seam work cannot be faulted.

While the matching knickers to the Navy bra may have already been clawed by everyone, I luckily managed to find the matching thong for the Red/Bordeux bra.  Featuring the same floral pattern which is extenuated in a more-sheer affair; the thong fits like a glove and is extremely pleasurable on the eye.



Upon figuring out the sizing issue, I can definitely say that I will be urging: my mother, my friends, my cat and random strangers I will probably scare in Costa with my enthusiasm this weekend to give the Just Peachy range from the once-over.

Ella Scott


Fashion | Missguided Haul

While the summer season draws increasingly nearer and the clock begins its final countdown on the time some of us have left to perfect the ultimate ‘beach body’; it seems like the perfect excuse to pre-meditate the weather of the next few months and shop till you drop.

In need of a whole new summer wardrobe?  Looking for something to wow the crowd on your next night out in the big city?  Looking for a pair of barely-there heels that won’t leave you limping home in a messy puddle at 2AM?  Look no further: Missguided have it all covered.

Missguided, the popular online retailer, is a must for students on a strict I-can’t-afford-this budget who still want high end, extremely great quality clothing items.  With my holiday to Magaluf approaching quicker than I have time to blink, Missguided was my one-stop-shop for vacation basics.  Alongside my holiday wear, inspired by Parks & Recreation’s ‘Treat yo’ Self’ I also decided to opt for some more dressy items.

missguidedOne of the first items in my haul were these neon coral Missguided running shorts.  Part of the new Missguided Activewear range, these shorts double as the perfect, airy exercise shorts for getting your sweat on, as well as casual throw-ons.  The drawstring shorts with embellished Missguided ‘M’ are a complete steal for only £10 – a sure bargain!



Active running shorts, coral – £10

Sticking to the holiday theme, a pair of simple, high-waisted denim shorts are a must to survive in blazing heat.  These light blue denim shorts come with custom DIY rips and for only £22, it’s impossible to go wrong with this basic essential.  Paired with either the Boyfriend V-Neck T-Shirt, white, or Kimberley plunge bodysuit, black – casual summer days or out-on-the-town styles can effortlessly be achieved.


Nicole high-waisted ripped detail denim shorts, light blue – £22


Boyfriend V-neck t-shirt, white – £8


Kimberley plunge bodysuit, black – £8

With neon being a regular contender for the most exciting (yet intensely difficult) colour to wear, this Pansitta neon orange shift dress from Missguided is the best of both worlds.  The vibrant colour married to the flattering shape makes this dress one of the best items in the Missguided range for turning heads and drawing mass attention.  Your friends will be gushing with envy.


Pansitta neon orange shift dress – £18

With this season boasting reams and reams of monochrome styles and pairings, it seems that white could possibly be the new black? (Did we speak too soon?)  This show-stopping fishnet / mesh panel bikini, in white, is flirty, fun and not to mention extremely comfortable.  Show off your figure this summer in this flattering triangle bikini, which comes slightly padded for an extra boost.  Missguided’s bikini range is fantastic and this is just one of the many pieces available from the range.


Mesh panel triangle bikini, white – £25

Moving away from the holiday shop, Missguided’s going out range is tantalisingly beautiful.  Picking up two items in the range which prides itself on the ability to create sexy silhouettes; the pieces are tied together with the addition of the white croc Barely-there strappy heeled sandals.  Versatile is the name of the game where these heels are concerned.  Dress them up with the Black eyelash lace bralet or Sleeveless wrap over bodysuit in black to create a killer night-time look, or pair them with the light blue denim shorts and white Boyfriend V-neck T-shirt to create the ultimate, sophisticated lunch-date outfit.



Barely-there strappy heeled sandals, white croc – £25
Black eyelash lace bralet – £15


Sleeveless wrap over bodysuit, black – £15


Missguide’s current range is at a phenomenal price and is met with overall pleasure and radiating satisfaction!  I can’t wait to jet away on holiday now.


Ella Scott

BEAUTY · Products

Beauty | Roller Lash Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics

Fronting the Spring 2015 marketing campaign, entitled ‘Welcome To Glamourland’, with an ingenious range of new-yet-essential products, is San Francisco-based make-up giant, Benefit Cosmetics.  Keeping in with the previously-championed retro edge; this seasons new editions to the Benefit range are sweetly nostalgic, with poppy, evocative packaging throwing back to a simpler time where  mascara and blush were are only neccessitys.

Stepping up the game by enhancing the brands appeal, Benefit have chock-filled our stockings with new and exciting goodies this spring season.  New editions to the already bursting range include: ‘the POREfessional: license to blot‘ oil blotting stick (£15.50); ‘they’re real! push-up liner‘ (£18.50) and ‘they’re real! remover’ (£14.50); ‘Bathina “just confess you’re obssessed”‘ scented mist (£24.50); ‘majorette‘ – blusher (£23.50); ultra plush lip gloss – ‘rockateur‘ rose gold and ‘hervana‘ berry pink (both £14.50) and ‘puff off’ undereye gel (£22.50).

The main success and new firm favourite of this season however is the ‘roller lash mascara‘, a product which is in the running to give the infamous Benefit ‘they’re real! mascara’ a run for it’s money.

FullSizeRender (1)

Appearing with the slogan “such a pretty curl” and the affirmations that the mascara will “hook, lift and curl”; the newest addition to the Benefit family claims we can say “bye-bye eyelash curler”.  Could this be perhaps overhype and over-confidence from the Benefit camp?

FullSizeRender (2)

Equipped with a specially-designed ‘Hook n’ Roll’ brush, roller lash is the essential ingredient needed to make eyes visibly become the talk of the town.  The product you ‘didn’t know you needed until you used it’; roller lash coats eyelashes perfectly for up to twelve hours, while living up to what it says on the bottle: lifting, defining and curling eyelashes.

FullSizeRender (3)

With the results of 97% of women agreeing the mascara visibly lifts lashes (survey of thirty-one women after four weeks usage), enhancing the overall appeal to the product (not to mention the beyond wonderfully feminine, baby-pink/black contrast packaging), the thought that once you go roller lash you can never go back doesn’t go amiss.

The results are startling.  You can see my experimentation with the roller lash mascara in the images below.  This product is the future of Benefit, and soon-to-be ultimate game-changer.

roller lash mascara, from Benefit Cosmetics, is available to purchase in Boots for £19.50.

Ella Scott

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (4)