Repetitive Rhythms: Songs of the Week (26 June-2 July)

St. Vincent - New York Have we ever heard St. Vincent in a more raw, revealing and vulnerable state? The first minute of 'New York' easily sees Annie Clark putting her sublime, electronically-tuned vocal to a simple keyboard melody.  "I have lost a hero/I have lost a friend/but for you darling/I'd do it all again" pipes [...]


A Friendless Festival Season

Music festivals usually combine three main components: a copious amount of cheap beer at a ludicrous price, some of the top musical acts gracing the planet and, ultimately the most crucial element for most, spending time with your nearest and dearest mates in a muddy field. However, what happens when Arcade Fire are headlining a [...]

Finishing First Year of University 2.0

Okay so I might not have exactly passed yet - I received 34% on an exam I took before summer so that’s getting sorted in a couple months - but my first year of university is almost (not officially) over! It has been a weird old year in Manchester and spellbindingly diverse in comparison [...]

Repetitive Rhythms: Songs of the Week (19-25 June 2017)

Blackwaters - Down The Luka State - 30 Minute Break * This song is actually from 2014 (late to The Luka State-party) but since I discovered them at Isle Of Wight Festival 2017 this track has been on R E P E A T The Horrors - Machine Taylor Swift - Better [...]

Live: Liam Gallagher @ The O2 Ritz, Manchester 2017

“This is another new one, sorry about that” Liam Gallagher, Ex-Beady Eye frontman and Ex-Oasis star sniggers to the crowd of the O2 Ritz in Manchester.  He shrugs his shoulders in his Pretty Green mac, wipes the sweat from his forehead and launches into a solo song of his.  The crowd do not appreciate Gallagher’s [...]