Books I read in February

Books I read in february 2023

I’m finally tallying up February’s reading stats and honestly I’m asking myself one question — where are all the books? Did I forget how to READ this month? Compared to the way I kicked off the year in January, February was a huge step back. But we’re not beating ourselves up! Sometimes we’re busy, right? For me, a combination of things got in the way of my reading goals in Feb. Working 60-hour weeks, juggling jobs, socialising and not touching many audiobooks definitely impacted my stats. Etc Etc. Excuses, excuses.

However, the silver lining here is that despite the chaos, I still managed to read three books! You go girl. As ever, follow me on Goodreads for up-to-date reading statistics. I’m also attempting to get more consistent with reviews, too. So, you’ll be able to catch them there before you see them here. Almost like VIP access, no?

From the Oasthouse – the Alan Partridge podcast

Read via audiobook

It says a lot when my first February read is arguably not a book. However the Alan Partridge podcast is on Audible and it did cost me a full credit, so I’m counting it as a read/listen. This is my second time bonding with From the Oasthouse and trust me when I tell you, it’s just as funny. One of Steve Coogan’s shining moments as the grouchy broadcaster, and this time he’s turned his hand to podcasting.

The ‘High Noon’ narrative woven throughout From the Oasthouse is so hilarious, and Alan’s escapades in the wilderness live up to expectations. It’s something I’ll revisit time and time again because you know what, nothing is funnier than Alan Partridge. If that makes me a walking-talking red flag, then so be it.

Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie

A classic Agatha Christie whodunnit — Murder on the Orient Express doesn’t need a review. However, I will say that the more I read Christie, the more dated and questionable it becomes. This is because a lot of the referencing and scene settings have strong misogynistic and racist connotations. I think this will probably be one of my last Christie novels.

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How (not) to be Strong – Alex Scott

Alex Scott is a tour de force. The Ex-Lioness and Arsenal right-back has made a name for herself on and off the pitch, and now she’s doing it in writing, too. Scott’s autobiography, How (not) to be Strong, is raw and it is real.

The book effortlessly darts between past and present relationships, documents her unforgettable rise in football and builds on the lasting legacy she’s carving for herself in front of the cameras. The way she writes is absorbing, and of course there were tears from me.

Whether you’re a women’s football fan or you’re just looking for somewhere to call home for a little while, How (not) to be Strong by Alex Scott is it.

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