Here’s what you missed on… Ella | Hey 2023

Long time no see, huh? So tell me; how have you been? What’s been going on? In all honesty, I can only imagine the adventures you must have had since I upped sticks and fled last year. You will have to fill me in ASAP… If you’ll still have me.

If I told you I had missed you – would you believe me? I would like to think so. You know I’ve always been honest and inconsistent here in this space. This safe slice of the internet. Surely, you have come to expect this of me by now?

However, I think I’m back. And I think I’m back for good. The truth is – I miss having a space that’s mine. I miss having a creative outlet where I can write what I want. So we’re reclaiming. I’m back.

So hey, 2023! It’s time for a reintroduction.

I’m Ella. I’m 26 (!!!) and I’ve been on and off posting on this blog, Cigarette Sounds, since 2014. I was 17 when I opened Cigarette Sounds as a music blog. Since then, this space has really evolved alongside my tastes.

In its lifetime, Cigarette Sounds has seen me covering beauty and taking a stab at fashion writing. I’ve discussed my running journey in great detail and even talked about my first (and only) half-marathon. There’s been a mix of book reviews, film recommendations and lists of my favourite non-alcoholic beers.

In 2023, I want to continue discussing this eclectic mix of interests I have. Use this space to talk about the things I like the most. Whether it be recipes I’m into, cleansers I’m using, gym classes I’m trying out or just what I’ve been watching on Netflix.

I have a good feeling about 2023. I’m so glad to be back.

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