What I streamed in May: TV Series and Movies

My May was dominated by some stellar TV series. There were prosthetic penises, a poignant portrayal of the 1980s AIDS crisis and some stunning science-fiction. While my TV watching was fruitful, I also managed to squeeze in a couple of movies too – a Wes Anderson and a sapphic rom-com.

See below for everything I streamed in May 2022. Not everything is new (hello, Derry Girls) but may still serve as some inspiration.


Television series I streamed in May 2022:


Moon Knight

Watched via Disney+.

Moon Knight is Marvel’s latest addition to their ever-growing roster. This character-driven story sees Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) battling with his psyche, his past demons, and some little deities known as the legendary Egyptian gods. No big deal. Mind-blowing and featuring a ton of ‘what the hell?’ moments, Moon Knight is fun and fast-paced.


Russian Doll Season 2

Watched via Netflix.

Initially, I was sceptical of Russian doll season 2. How could the Natasha Lyonne-lead show build on something that was already perfect? A well-written story, with great time travel aspects, and a super satisfying ending. I kiss the ground you tread upon, Lyonne. I should never have had my doubts.


It’s A Sin

Watched via Netflix.

Rip my heart out and feed it to the wolves – it would still hurt less than It’s A Sin. Heartbreaking, important, and wholesome, I fully believe Russel T. Davies’ It’s A Sin should be prescribed viewing. I watched this phenomenal show in one sitting. If you add anything from this to your TBW list, make it It’s A Sin.


Derry Girls Series 1

Watched via Netflix.

The precious Northern Irish princesses of Derry Girls are funny, aren’t they? The chemistry, the humour – I know I’m late to the party but what a game changer Lisa McGee’s Derry Girls is! Derry Girls series 2 and Derry Girls series 3, I am coming for you.


Pam & Tommy

Watched via Disney+.

Based on a Rolling Stone article, the limited series Pam & Tommy centres on the infamous sex tape heist and early days of marriage between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Bass. Starring Lily James, Sebastian Stan and Seth Rogan, Pam & Tommy is multi-faceted, features some fantastic performances, and has a prosthetics/make-up team that should seriously win some awards.


Movies I streamed in May 2022



Watched via Disney+.

Crush is a cheesy high school romance with three central queer female characters. There’s no homophobia, it’s super saccharine, and just has all-around feel-good vibes. The story itself isn’t the most groundbreaking but overall Crush is very cute and perfect for rainy Sunday afternoon watching


The Darjeeling Limited

Watched via Disney+.

The Darjeeling Limited  had me clock watching, phone scrolling, and internally crying ‘when is this over?’ Not my favourite Wes Anderson by a long shot but could appreciate the dynamic between Brody, Owen and Schwartzman. The distinct lack of women in this film is deafening.

I’m currently on a mission to watch every Wes Anderson film. Click here to view my Letterboxd rankings.

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