Zara Shoppers can own a piece of the Picasso Estate for just £9.99

Okay, I like it, Picasso.



If you’re obsessed with art or just love a bbq garden tablescape, then the latest Zara Home x Picasso Estate collaboration should be right up your street.

Zara Home is giving you the chance to own a Pablo Picasso (sort of), thanks to its surprising collaboration with the Picasso Estate.

Collection Picasso from Zara Home is a limited edition homeware drop influenced by Picasso’s French Rivera getaways as well as the current ‘Maya Ruiz-Picasso, daughter of Pablo’ art exhibition.

About the collaboration, Zara said via Instagram, “The collection Picasso gets inspired by the exhibition [Maya Ruiz-Picasso, daughter of Pablo] and presents a series of pieces including textile, décor and tableware.” 

This mentioned ‘Daughter of Pablo’ exhibition is currently taking place at the Musée Picasso Paris and is on show until December 2023. If a Parisian adventure isn’t on the cards however, then we think browsing the Zara Home x Picasso Estate collaboration is the next best thing.

The first drop of the collection features the likes of affordable ceramics, soft cushion covers, and printed linen, alongside notebooks, bags, and blankets.

Perfect for alfresco dining and casual tablescape designing, the Picasso collection also features dessert bowls and earthenware dinner plates. These pieces are all influenced by those lazy South of France summers Pablo Picasso often spent with his children, his dogs, and of course his pet goat, Esmerelda. Why wouldn’t they be?

While the classic cubist and surrealist flair of Picasso are present throughout the collaboration, you don’t need to know much about art for this collection to spark joy.

Instead, fall in love with the neutral hues, blue and red colour pops, and the hand-written manuscripts that give these homeware pieces a personal Picasso touch. With bottles and books available from just £9.99 (an absolute steal), the Picasso inspired collection is luxury without breaking the bank.

We think the Picasso collection by Zara Home is the perfect accompaniment to sun-kissed days and endless evenings with good food, better company, and spicy margaritas. While everything in the collection is unique, we’ve rounded up our absolute favourite three pieces below.


Zara Picasso collection: Picasso Striped Notebook


Zara Picasso collection: Picasso Striped Notebook

The perfect notebook for writing your daily intentions in before ignoring them and hanging out in the sun instead. We tried, okay?






Zara Picasso collection: Picasso Linen Tablecloth


Zara Picasso collection: Picasso Linen Tablecloth

Made from linen, this table cloth is an instant dinner party level-up. A little luxury. We want one in every colour.






Zara Picasso Collection: Picasso Earthenware Jug


Zara Picasso Collection: Picasso Earthenware Jug

Good for hydration but maybe better for sangria? We don’t make the rules here.









The Zara Home x Picasso Estate collaboration is available to purchase now.
Run don’t walk because once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Go, go, go.

Click here to visit Zara Home UK.

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