5 Running Trainers That Are Worth Investing In For 2022

5 of the best running trainers worth their price tag

An easy read E-commerce guide to my favourite running trainers worth investing in for 2022 running. This post features the likes of powerhouse activewear brands Nike, Adidas, and Asics.

Whether triathlon training or just evening pavement jogging, you’re going to need a pair of running trainers to keep up the pace. Riding in proper running shoes is so important. Not only will exercise shoes prevent painful injuries, but they will also support and provide stability. Nobody wants a busted up ankle an hour from home because they ran in their Converse, do they?

I’m currently in the market for a new pair of trainers as I’ve been running in my New Balance trainers (Fresh Foam 1080v10) for a while. These trusty trainers are sitting at 450+ miles and I’m starting to feel the support and cushioning wane. You can see from the picture above that the chunky foam sole has deflates. See here for a guide on when to replace your running trainers.

If you’re also searching for your next shoe, then one of the five trainers below might be your golden ticket. I’ve highlighted the Adidas Ultraboost, Nike Pegasus, Nike Vapormax, and Nike Zoom, and Asics Gel Kayana.

Adidas Ultraboost 22

Adidas Ultraboost 22

Dubbed by Runners World as the ultimate “reliable partner for long, slow runs”, the Adidas Ultraboost is a failsafe jogging trainer.

The updated 2022 version of the Ultraboost Adidas running shoe still features the signature BOOST midsole, but this time with 4% more forefoot energy return (compared to the Ultraboost 21). It also has a soft cushioned heel fit to discourage blisters and a universal regular fit, allowing for a comfortable, solid ride. This Adidas running trainer is also made in part with Parely Ocean Plastic. This allows the Adidas Ultraboost to be both practical and sustainable. We like it a lot.

Favourite colourways: Cloud White / Turbo / Flash Orange & Ecru Tint / Pulse Amber / Flash Orange.

Best for: Long and slow weekend long runs. Pastries and caffeinated treats with friends at the finish line.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

nike air zoom pegasus 38If you require a speedy pleasure ride, then the Nike Pegasus is your ticket. This “workhorse with wings” is designed to offer a lightweight bounce to your long runs. This is due to the two Zoom Air units, both of which are positioned near the foot for maximum responsiveness. Other features of the famed Nike running shoes are a wide forefoot, foam tongue, and the flexibility to mould your Pegasus to your foot. The more you run, the greater benefits you will reap.

Where running shoes for women are concerned, the Nike Pegasus is top draw. We recommend running in the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38. If off-road running is more your jam, then head for the Nike Pegasus Trail 3.

Favourite colourways: here, here, and here.

Best for: Outdoor road runs. Speed sessions.


Nike Air Vapormax


Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit


A dependable running trainer to take you from A to B in style  – that’s the Nike Vapormax 2021 FK. These Nike running shoes are the perfect pavement pounding partner, thanks to the innovative 1-piece Air unit which spans the length of the shoes. The Nike Vapormax also feature a supportive and airy Flyknit upper (made from at least 40% recycled materials), durable bouncy rubber sole, and extreme lightweight feel. Like running on clouds, the Vapormax is one of the trending Nike trainers for a reason. We think you’re going to like it. 

Favourite colourways: here and here.

Best for: Race-speed pavement pounding. Half marathon distance running.


Nike Zoom X Vaporfly Next% 2

Nike Zoom X Vaporfly Next% 2

A responsive running trainer to go for gold in, the Nike Zoom X Vaporfly Next% 2 is the best shoe for PB busting. The Nike Vaporfly features Nike ZoomX foam (a shoe-spanning carbon fibre plate) as well as an internal foam pod for flexibility and softness. Elsewhere on this World Athletics approved racing trainer, you’ll find a contouring upper mesh body, a feather light design, and reinforcement along the forefoot. The latter makes this powerful Nike Vaporfly trainer suitable for 5K and 10K roll outs alongside the half marathon and ultra marathon distances.

Favourite colourways: here, here, and here.

Best for: Flying to the finish line. Road races and speedy PB crushing.


Asics Gel Kayana


Asics Gel Kayana


Long distance road runners need a well-grounded shoe to keep up the pace. A blend of support and soft cushioning for low arches and flat feet, the Asics Gel Kayana will have you wondering how you ever ran in anything else.

Creating a stable stride and the necessary comfort for those Sunday morning long runs, these Asics trainers feature FF Blast cushioning in the midsole, as well as GEL technology to increase speed. With an engineered mesh upper to support your foot, and shock absorption to banish the chance of shin splints, the Asia Gel Kayana are a superior shoe. Great triathlon trainers as well as for marathon distances.

Favourite colourways: White/Oasis Green, Blazing Coral/Mist, and Black/Sage

Best for: Weekend road-based long runs. Up-hill pavement pounding.


So, which trainer are you choosing?

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