3 Alcohol Free Spirits to Try This Spring

Three alcohol free spirits and non alcoholic drinks which I want to try in spring 2022. Whether you’re sans alcohol for religious, fitness, or personal reasons – why not test these three non alcholic spirits with me this spring? Offerings come from New London Light, Warners, and Clean Co.

I’m so over alcohol consumption. The days of nursing pints, dancing on the ceiling, and inevitable depression-pit hangovers are no longer on my radar. Despite this, I still love the taste and crave the relaxation that follows drinking alcohol. So, how to have a drink without feeling awful afterwards? Non alcoholic spirits.

If you’re unfamiliar, then non alcoholic or alcohol free spirits are essentially just a version of classic, spirit-based drinks sans alcohol. Think gin that won’t get you drunk and Aperol that won’t have you on the floor. If you’re an entry-level alcohol free purveyor, you may want to start with a basic spirit. I would recommend Tanquary’s 0.0% alcohol free spirit (click here to read more).

I’m always hunting for new and exciting alcohol free products to test out. If you’re dabbling or diving into non alcoholic spirits too, then you might want to keep your eyes on the next three following products. They are Midnight Sun from New London Light, Pink Berry Botanic Garden Spirit from Warners, and Clean T from Clean Co.

New London Light – Midnight Sun

(RRP £27.50, shop here)

New London Light creates sublime non alcoholic spirits and aperitifs. Based in Salcombe, South Devon, New London Light is the alcohol free brainchild of elegant gin crafters, Salcombe Gin. On offer currently are three spirits/aperitifs: Aegean Sky, First Light, and Midnight Sun. It’s the latter that has really tickled my attention.

Crafted with fourteen botanicals (including pine, kelp, and wild Nordic coastal seaberries and elderberries) Midnight Sun is a non-alcoholic aperitif that is richly complex. Inspired by wild Nordic regions (think Sweden, Finland, and Iceland) Midnight Sun is a true testament to modern Nordic cuisine and the perfect tipple to use in cocktails and refreshing tonic combinations.

This product is suitable for vegans.

Clean Co – Clean T 

(RRP £19, shop here)

Margaritas are my weakness, so knowing it’s possible to create an alcohol free version is game changing. Clean T from Clean Co is a Blanco Tequila alternative made using fresh green agave.

Tasting notes and flavour profiles you will find throughout Clean T include hints of olive, sweet melon, new oak aromas, and a classic, spicy pepper finish. I’ll be using my bottle of Clean T to create spicy, jalapeño margaritas with chilli salt rims, and maybe even a frozen margarita for good luck?

This product is suitable for vegans.

Warners – Pink Berry 0% Botanic Garden Spirit

(RRP £18, shop here)

You’re in safe hands when it comes to Warners – they really do nothing by half. Their Pink Berry 0% Botanic Garden Spirit sounds like a wonder product. On the nose, you’ll smell the rich aromas of raspberry and blackcurrant, as well as Szechuan pepper and contrasting hints of sweet candyfloss and chamomile. Taste-wise, we’re expecting a fruit explosion with a ginger finish.

It sounds too good to be true, right? Once I get my mitts on this Warners product, I’ll be marrying the Pink Berry Garden Spirit with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic or their fiery Ginger Ale. I cannot wait.

This product is suitable for vegans.

There are a lot of new, exciting alcohol free products heading into the market right now. These are only three of the hundreds I currently have on my radar. Thanks to New London Light, Warners, and Clean Co – it’s really never been easier to switch out alcohol from your diet or have a drink without any detrimental effects.

Being alcohol free doesn’t have to be boring. Stay tuned for cocktail recipes, alcohol free spirit recommendations, and more coming soon.

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