My Favourite Things: January 2019 VS January 2022

In January 2019, I published a post titled ‘A Few of my Favourite Things’. It was inspired by a thorough reading of Mark Radcliffe’s Reelin’ in the Years: A Soundtrack to Modern Life, where he included an erratic list of his favourite things.  At the time I thought it was both cool and insanely original. It was one of the first times I had ever thought and wrote a coherent  list of random things I actually liked. Things were so simple in 2019 it seemed.

Three years since writing, I am revisiting my My Favourite Things list in order to document how much my taste has changed. Have I matured and wisened beyond my years? Probably not as I’m still the basic bitch I always was.

Favourite Colour

  • Favourite colour then: Orange.
  • Favourite colour now: Pink.

I think in 2019 I just wanted to be quirky. Orange has never been my favourite colour. I can only remember owning one orange thing – a large Topshop shopper. I used as my school bag circa 2014. Basically, I’m a big fat liar.

The colour pink however is a life-long love affair. I own so much pink I do dedicated washes on a bi-weekly basis. There is serious power in pink and I’m glad that at 25, I’m finally coming to terms with it being my favourite colour. No more lying to myself and the internet.

Favourite Singer / Band

Apparently in 2019 I had my eyes and ears closed to the problematic behaviour of Morrissey. While Morrissey has definitley dropped off of my hot list, The Smiths and The Cure still remain my favourite bands to this day. Yes it is true – I am your dad in disguise. 

Favourite Film

In the last three years I’ve swapped my favourite Harry Potter’s around, fell in love with Mötley Crüe, became obsessed with Marvel, and reconnected with my childhood via Scooby-Doo. It’s always a conversation starter when I pronounce that Scooby-Doo is my favourite movie. You should try it.

Favourite Beer / Alcoholic Drink

God, I used to cut around clubs on Canal Street at 5am holding two pints of Stella on the regular.  When I was younger beer was always my go-to because it was cheaper than purchasing double gin/cranberry juice all night. Saying it was my favourite was a definite lie however.

I find I’m reaching for alcohol less now that I’m older. No longer work in the hospitality industry also helps.  Instead, I’m big into my non-alcoholic beers and aperitifs. If you are too, then watch this space in 2022 for some exciting collabs and alcohol-free drink highlights.

Favourite Cheese

The love affair with chives survives. Viva la chives!

Favourite Shoes

Forget about variety being the spice of life – it’s all about the everyday hero. Bury me in anything other than my Dr Martens Chelsea boots and I will not be impressed. My forever shoe – I am so lucky I discovered you so early on in life.

Favourite Vegetable

  • Favourite vegetable then: Courgette
  • Favourite vegetable now: Courgette

My boyfriend hates how often I make dishes with courgettes. He just doesn’t understand the chokehold they have me in.

Favourite Dog Breed

  • Favourite Dog Breed then: Sandy longhaired miniature dachshund
  • Favourite Dog Breed then: Sandy longhaired miniature dachshund

First the Docs, then the courgettes and now the sandy longhaired miniature dachshund? I’m on a roll with this lack of taste development! In all seriousness however, I accept Paypal and cash gifts if you wish to make my miniature dog dream come true.

Favourite Book

I had yet to be inducted into the world of His Dark Materials when I wrote the original ‘favourite things’ post. Just know if time travel becomes readily available, I will be reading all three of the fantasy novels by Philip Pullman again for the first time. The inclusion of Wuthering Heights this 2022 post  proves that the Brontë sisters will always have my back.

Favourite Swimming Brand

  • Favourite swimming brand then: Speedo
  • Favourite swimming brand now: Speedo

Weird inclusion and flex, but okay.

Favourite Curry Order

  • Favourite Curry Order then: King prawn korma with peshwari naan and chips
  • Favourite Curry Order now: King prawn korma with peshwari naan and chips

I truly found my stride early on with my go-to curry order. I am so grateful. I truly believe that you just cannot beat the holy trinity of king prawn korma, peshwari naan and chips. Some will chastise me for lack of spice and authenticity, but I like what I like, okay?

Favourite Festival

  • Favourite festival then: T in the Park
  • Favourite festival now: T in the Park

I know that the adoration I have for T in the Park will live forever. It’s the place that holds my most cherished memories. However, once tickets for Glastonbury stop alluding me, T in the Park is perhaps going to be kicked off the top spot. But for now, however, T in the Park remains top dog. What a place! I wish you could all have seen it!

Favourite Album

  • Favourite Album then: Wish by The Cure
  • Favourite Album now: Wish by The Cure

There isn’t a song on Wish by The Cure that I could skip even if I wanted to. From Open through to High and then onto the epic duo of Apart and Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Wish dips and dives through melancholic offerings (Trust, A Letter to Elise, To Wish Impossible Things) and hedonistic flights of whimsy (Friday, I’m In Love, Doing the Unstuck) before rounding off with mood-setters Cut and End. Wish is my record. The Cure are my band. It’s faultless.

I’m seeing them for the second (and potentially last ever) time in December 2022 at Cardiff arena. If Robert Smith plays anything from Wish (other than Friday, I’m In Love) I could combust.

Favourite Shop

  • Favourite shop then: Waterstones
  • Favourite shop now: Waterstones

I’ve been spending money at Waterstones for the best part of my life. First my mom’s wages and now my own earned cash. Truly, the feeling of accidentally choosing your new best friend for years to come is unparalleled. Expect lots more book content on Cigarette Sounds in 2022 and beyond. If you’re looking for your next best read, then I am your girl. Bookworm and  proud.

Favourite Way to Eat Eggs

  • Favourite way to eat eggs then: Lightly poached on smashed avocado toast with smoked salmon and black onion seeds.
  • Favourite way to eat eggs now: Lightly poached on a slightly-salted, buttered tiger bread slice. Seasoned with cracked rainbow pepper and chives. Preferably accompanied by a soya vanilla latte, a glass of cloudy apple juice, and some fantasy fiction.

I forgot how much I liked black onion seeds. Note to self: reintroduce these to my diet. In 2015-2019 I would eat smashed avocado toast with salmon and eggs almost everyday. I essentially spent my student loan on smoked salmon. Now, I’m happy with a buttered bit of tiger bread, a poached egg and a piping hot soya vanilla latte…. I’m still basic, just less boujie. 

Favourite Poem

Look at what the cat dragged in. You only need glance at my bookshelves and kindle library to realise the ever-lasting impact studying Homer’s The Odyssey in 2015 has had on me. The characteristics of white-armed Nausicaa and bright-eyed Athena will haunt my brain forever. These stories are rich, archaic and fascinating. If you haven’t read the epic poems The Odyssey, The Illiad or The Aeneid – I implore you to do so. It will change everything. Trust me.

Favourite Dessert

  • Favourite dessert then: Mom’s banoffee pie
  • Favourite dessert now: Mon’s banoffee pie

The flame of this life-long love affair is still alive. Truthfully, I’ve never actually had a bad banoffee pie. I’m not sure it exists. Much like The Scooby-Doo movie, banoffee pie has become somewhat of an occasion dessert. Come birthdays or bad days, nothing says indulgence like a thick wedge of banoffee. Stick a fork in me and at this point I would probably bleed caramel.

Well that was fun! And a great way to kick off 2022 on Cigarette Sounds.

Maybe we’ll repeat this experiment in 2025 – keep your eyes peeled. I know you’re already chomping at the bit.

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