25 Things For My 25 Birthday

A few weeks ago I turned 25! Yes! 25! I cannot believe it either. I am a quarter of a century years old. I am still scared of the dark. I cannot keep a pack of biscuits open for more than a day. I am in love with any item of clothing that has cats on it. Apparently age does not magically rewrite your brain. Shocked and upset. Maybe I am never growing up?

This year, my birthday was a breeze of ice-skating, media consumption, and carbonara eating. I drank alcohol-free sparkling rose and watched House of Gucci at the cinema. I was practically gifted a library by my boyfriend, and thoroughly enjoyed the low-key affair. There was no throwing up into my hair this year, but it was a good birthday nonetheless.

With a birthday comes a closed chapter. A year of realising stuff. Without further ado then – the moment you have been eagerly anticipating all year – My 25 Things For 25.

If you are unfamiliar with my Birthday Things For series, you can find the previous post here.  Last year was 24 Things for 24 and yes, you guessed it – this year, it’s 25 Things For 25. I bet you cannot guess what next year’s instalment will be.

This year’s rotation around the sun seen me rekindle my very intimate relationship with Taylor Swift, discovering that my body can actually run long distances, and my go-to ride-or-die pizza order. A good year.

25 Things For 25

1 – Manifestation is real and it works. 

2Speak Now is Taylor Swift’s best album. I don’t make the rules.

3 – Dressing head-to-toe black is overrated. Bring me the bright pink tights and my leopard print smock dress, immediately.

4 – The holy trinity: trashy chick-lit novels, Greek Mythology retellings, and YA fantasy fiction.

5 – I’ve discovered so much passion, inspiration and expression via TikTok. I’m grateful for the under-the-radar novels I’ve discovered, and the how-to of styling, cooking, and living. I cannot imagine a life without TikTok!

6 – The best film scenes (in date order)

7 – It’s not motivation that keeps you healthy and balanced – it’s pure discipline. It’s a seriously tough pill to swallow.

8 – If I’m walking it’s a soya vanilla latte. If I’m sitting in a coffee shop it’s an oat milk flat white. If I’m at home it’s a filter with Oatly single cream.

9 – Marvel really changed my life this year. I had FOMO over the Wandavision hype in January 2020 and now, almost a year later, my world is so enriched and so different. I owe the MCU a great deal. Maybe I’ll repay them somehow, someday.

10Halo Top Birthday Cake ice cream, Charlie Bigham’s Mac and Cheese, and Moju Ginger Shots are all worth the expense when you’re feeling flush. Treat yourself.

11Angel Eyes by the Mama Mia! Here We Go Again cast > Angeleyes by Abba

12Beauty Pie is the holy grail of skincare and make-up. It’s offerings are unparalleled and is well-worth the annual subscription fee.

13Wanda Maximoff is my chaotic comfort character.

14 – It really don’t know how it is ever going to get better than Sally Rooney, Anthony Horowitz, Madeline Miller, and Philip Pullman.

15 – Deactivating and deleting Twitter this year has been really good for my soul. I don’t need to be on every social media app. Twitter doesn’t need my opinions. I’m not witty enough.

16 – I’ve learnt how to say no to plans without an excuse or a coverup. ‘No, I can’t do that anymore, sorry’, is succinct and suffices.

17 – Music documentaries and biopics truly are a superior film genre. The Dirt, Rocketman, The Velvet Underground, and Straight Outta Compton to name just a few.

18 – Home can be anything. A jumper, your friends, your favourite festival, a song.

19 – I’m very selfish with my weekends since I started working 9-5. I’ve never appreciated a Saturday morning like I have the past few months.

20 – I successfully ran a half marathon this year! I think I could do it again, given the training block dedication. My body is so cool.

21 – My favourite pizza is a sourdough crust, bbq base, and toppings which consist of mozzarella. ham, pineapple, and mushrooms.

22 – I like minimalist fashion influencers who enjoy reading, good coffee, and simple styling. And Emma Chamberlain. I really fucking love Emma Chamberlain.

23 – My boyfriend is my number one fan, and I am also his. Being with someone who hypes me up on the daily is honestly amazing. I am very grateful.

24 – Sometimes I read too much, and sometimes I work out too much. It is never a normal level, and I can never do both. It’s a week of reading, or a week of working out

25 – I feel like my confidence really bloomed at 24. Let’s see what 25 has in store.

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