Free Gymshark Live Classes In Manchester This Weekend

This is not a drill; Gymshark are bringing free, live and sweaty workout classes to Manchester this weekend – are you in? 

As part of their On The Move tour, Gymshark will be setting up camp at Fallowfield’s Platt Lane Sports Complex for a day of booty blasting, yoga flows and bodyweight combat classes.  The live events, which take place across Saturday June 19, will be hosted by Gymshark-sponsored athletes Milly Pickles, Sophie Aris and Lex Griffin.  The best part?  They are FREE

Kicking off at 9am, the On The Move event will first see a SWEAT class hosted by Milly Pickles. Note: If a 9am class is blasphemous for a Saturday, then there is another chance to catch Milly’s SWEAT class at 3pm.  

Influencer Lex Griffin will be taking over at 10:30am and 1:30pm for his signature BODYWEIGHT COMBAT class with the Gymshark Lifting Club Coaches, while Sophie Aris will deliver a BOOTY BLAST class at 12pm and final class of the day, FLOW, at 4:30pm.  

Full schedule can be seen below.


9am – SWEAT with Milly Pickles (& Lifting Club Coaches)

10:30am – BODYWEIGHT COMBAT with Lex Griffin (& Lifting Club Coaches)

12pm – BOOTY BLAST with Sophie Aris (& Lifting Club Coaches)

1:30pm – BODYWEIGHT COMBAT with Lex Griffin (& Lifting Club Coaches) 

3pm – SWEAT with Milly Pickles (& Lifting Club Coaches) 

4:30pm – FLOW with Sophie Aris (& Lifting Club Coaches)

Throughout Saturday, there will be a total of six chances to get your sweat on and train with your favourite Gymshark athletes.  Not sure which free class is up your street? Let us break it down for you below.


SWEAT with Milly Pickles (& Lifting Club Coaches) 

Starting slow and low before picking up the pace; Milly and the Gymshark Lifting Club Coaches are going to push you to the limit during their SWEAT class.  Starting with a heart-rate-raising warm up, SWEAT will use dumbbells and body weight to make you SWEAT as you hurtle into a full-body burn out.  Are you ready for this?

BODYWEIGHT COMBAT with Lex Griffin (& Lifting Club Coaches) 

Ready for a challenge?  Lex Griffin is teaming up with the Gymshark Lifting Coaches to deliver a highly-technical bodyweight combat class.  The endurance-styled workout will be fast-paced and strenuous – leaving you sweating in places you didn’t know you could.  Griffin will lead the workout class, which will feature a variety of different combat styles.  Time to get your head in the game and think with your feet.  

BOOTY BLAST with Sophie Aris (& Lifting Club Coaches) 

Leg day… But on steroids.  BOOTY BLAST (hosted by Sophie Aris and the Gymshark Lifting Coaches) is a 45-minute class focused on working your glutes.  Have your resistance band at the ready as Aris and co. rely on core activation and slow mobilisation to really get your blood pumping.  The class promises good vibes, better music and includes techniques you may have only added to your routines as finishers.  This class is set to be sweaty.  Proceed with caution.  

FLOW with Sophie Aris (& Lifting Club Coaches) 

Gymshark like to keep you on your toes, that’s why Sophie Aris’ mat-based FLOW class is yoga with a difference.  Focusing on a strong core, FLOW will leave your full-body energised and pinging with strength.  The perfect way to round off your day with the Gymshark On The Move event

So you have the time, the space and the class information – but what else?  What equipment / safety measures are Gymshark bringing to the table? What do you need to bring yourself?

The event itself will take place at Platt Lane Sports Complex in Fallowfield, Greater Manchester.  Upon arriving, there will be a member of the Gymshark team to personally check you in, as well as a designated barcode for you to securely check-in using the NHS Track & Trace app.  PPE, sanitiser and all the equipment you will need to smash your class will be provided.  Gymshark team members will navigate you to your mat and will make sure sessions are both timely and enjoyed.

The event organisers have asked attendees to bring four things – Yourself with a PMA (positive mental attitude) already dressed and ready to begin exercising, a towel and also a face covering for walking through communal spaces and visiting washroom facilities.  Before attending one of the Gymshark classes, you must fill out a Safe & Sound Questionnaire (here) and also advise that you take a rapid lateral flow test before heading down to the venue. 

So, are you in?  Tickets to all Gymshark On The Move tour classes are free and available via Eventbrite (here).  You can either book by yourself now or bring a friend/plus one – just remember to change your ticket quantity to two when reserving your event tickets. 

Happy sweating!

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