Canned Cold Brew Coffee with Bottleshot

As heat continues to crank across the UK, one New Orleans coffee company is rising head-and-shoulders above the rest to keep us cool.  What was that?  You say you are hot, bothered and want an ice-cold, ethically-friendly coffee in a can to keep you breathing?  I have just the thing…

Introducing Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee.  You can already feel my caffeinated heart racing.  

Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee has a no-fuss-no-frills ethos.  They produce ready-to-drink “unapologetically simple” cold brew in a can.  Thick with intense flavour, Bottleshot drinks consist of a three-ingredient base – Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica beans, sourced from Columbia and Brazil, cold water and chicory.  Yes, that’s it!

Once picked, the ethically-harvested Arabica beans are then slowly brewed for 18-hours using cool, filtered water.  While most cold brew coffees are created via roasting, Bottleshot go against the grain by brewing their beans.  The result of this method is that the Bottleshot cold brew is smooth, less acidic than its roasted counterpart and has a clean tasting profile.  Not to mention a serious, ethically-friendly punch of caffeine. 

Once the brewing is done, it’s time to add the final ingredient of the base – chicory.  The flowering plant brings a real rich and intense taste of New Orleans to your tastebuds.  We love authenticity and rumour has it, if you crack a can and close your eyes in the sun, it almost feels like you are in The Big Easy itself… Almost.

Right now, Bottleshot are offering two “full-bodied, smooth and super tasty” canned products – their signature three-ingredient Cold Brew Coffee Black as well as cans of Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk.  

Both offerings come in packs of 12 x 250ml cans:

Cold Brew Coffee Black

12 x 250ml cans (click here to purchase) 

The original: the GOAT.  Cold Brew Coffee Black is exactly what it says on the tin.  This product is a high-quality black cold brew coffee with three ingredients (coffee/cold water/chicory).  A can of this smooth-yet-balanced beverage will pump 195mg of caffeine into your bloodstream.  That’s similar to the lukewarm double espresso you would order on your lunch break from [redacted coffee chain].  I know which I would prefer. 

Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk 

12 x 250ml cans (click here to purchase)

With slightly less caffeine (170mg) and a little more sweetness than it’s counterpart, Bottleshot’s Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk is the perfect midday pick-me-up.  Dairy-free and refreshing, Bottleshot assure that this cold brew doesn’t have the synthetic milk taste that other competitors on the market exhibit.  Instead, you will experience a rich profile, a dash of sweetness and a totally balanced flavour sensation.  We cannot wait to get our hands on one of these babies!

Tester Pack 

2 x 250ml cans (click here to purchase) 

Want to take the taste test?  Want to give oat milk a spin before you continue praying to the black coffee gods?  Bottleshot have got you.  In this tester pack, they have included one Cold Brew Coffee Black and one Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk can for you to try before you commit.  Simple, effective and oh-so-tasty.

All aboard the plane to New Orleans!  You can grab yourself a slice of the Bottleshot action by purchasing via their website, here.  If you are an Amazon customer, an Ocado shopper or have a swanky membership to Soho House, you can pick up a can of Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee there!

Make sure you serve mine in a highball with a mountain of ice – please and thank you.

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