My Current BLOKtv Workout Schedule | February 2021

I am a creature of habit, there is no doubt about it.  I thrive on keeping a schedule.  Otherwise, it’s bed, cookies, and everlasting period dramas on a loop.  Basically: if it isn’t on the kitty-themed Callander then it’s not happening.  While the gyms and swimming pools are ~ still closed ~ scheduling in a workout I am actually interested in has been handwork… Until I subscribed to BLOKtv, of course.

If you are unfamiliar, BLOKtv is from the masterminds of boutique exercise giants, BLOK London.  BLOK focuses on classes and teachings rather than on weight-lifting and elliptical training, making the BLOK experience personal and tailored.  Their BLOKtv offering compromises of two things – live, guided classes, and on-demand, anytime workouts.  

As a schedule-lover, naturally the live classes are much more appealing to me than the on-demand workouts.  I am not saying I won’t ever test and try the on-demand library, but I find they don’t hold me as accountable as a trainer screaming down Zoom at me.

Below, you will find my current BLOKtv workout schedule.  I am currently still in the tweaking stage and building the habit, so watch this space as my confidence grows and my class picks expand.

If you want more information on BLOKtv, their prices, and the classes they offer?  Keep your eyes peeled for a post on Cigarette Sounds.  In the meantime, you can also visit the website here.


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Barre – 12pm

Currently hosted by Georgia Thompstone

Mondays don’t wholly suck when you have barre on the cards.  Sure to wipe away any lasting weekend cobwebs, barre cranks up the heat in my lower body, arms, and abs for 50-minutes straight.  This thigh-shuddering afternoon class requires a ballet bar and a set of weights, but do not let the equipment list put you off.  In fact, your desk chair and a couple of cans of beans will do the trick.  

If you are unfamiliar with barre then do not panic – it is essentially a higher-intensity pilates with more reps and isolated movements.  The best part?  You really feel like you’ve done a workout.  Start the week strong with a spot of barre.  Click here to read my beginner’s guide to barre as well as a selection of my favourite online trainers.



Pilates – 8am 

Currently hosted by Ksenija Selivanova 

Hillary Duff’s Wake Up, but instead of partying in London or Paris on a Saturday night, she’s talking about Pilates in my kitchen on a Tuesday morning.  Rise and shine baby, time to get into downward-facing doggy for 45 minutes!  I truly love morning Pilates classes, they execute just the right amount of thigh-burning you need to kickstart your day and in the shortest possible time period.

I like to wash down practice with a steaming hot cup of honey and lemon – it almost kids me into thinking I have my life together.  Almost.


BLOKparty – 7:15pm

Currently hosted by Jahmarl Crick

Tuesday isn’t pleasurably complete without a brilliant slice of Jahmarl Crick.  This guy is sunshine in a technicolour coupe and a real tonic for the soul honey!  If you are in a funk, I urge you to sink your teeth into BLOKparty!  

Each Tuesday, BLOK’s Head Of Dance brings the party to your living room.  Think stunning moves and the best of the early 00’s playlist to boot.  You’ll find me in my big wig of confidence strutting my stuff to the sounds of Kelly Rowland every Tuesday evening.  Welcome to the madhouse. 



Pilates – 6pm

Currently hosted by Ksenija Selivanova 

Ooooh, baby – 7pm called and she is on fire after that pilates class.  One hour of pure control and body-focused movements always leaves me feeling some kind of way.  Night-time movement is almost meditative.  It is like I am applying a balm to my body or sticking on a gold star proclaiming ‘well done, you really did that day.  Here is your reward honey’.  

Post-Pilates looks like dinner, a good book, and the sweetest sleep before tomorrow morning’s HELL.



Barre – 7am

Hosted by Carly Bateman

Yeah, that hell I was talking about?  It takes the form of a hard-ass 7am barre class.  At the moment, BLOK offers just three barre classes per week.  One at 12pm Monday, one at 9:45am on a Saturday and today’s – 7am Thursday.  Beggars cannot be choosers, and I am a slave to BLOK’s barre classes, hence why I put myself through the gruesome trial of willpower and perseverance.  

That being said and done, this pessimistic, bed-loving girl does feel bloody gorgeous when finishing time hits.  The legs may be aching, the glutes may be shaking like a leaf and my arms may have me screaming – but barre is a serious mood-booster.  Ella: please try to remember that the 7am barre class is good for you.  Even when you know that extra hour in bed will be better.


BLOKbeat – 6pm  

Currently hosted by Jahmarl Crick

If you’ve ever seen me dance in the club: 1) no you haven’t 2) you know I have two-left-feet.  I am uncoordinated and am as still as a bord, but Thursday night BLOKbeat classes have me changing my ways.  The premise of BLOKbeat is simply a one-hour session learning 45-seconds of choreography.  Unless you have studied dance or are a natural-born talent, this class is much more difficult than you expect but do not let that put you off!  A searing sense of accomplishment awaits you come 7pm.  In a couple weeks’ time, I will be showing you all up on the dancefloor… Whenever they reopen that is.



BLOKparty – 7:15pm

Currently hosted by Abi Bulman

Don’t stop moving, can’t you feel the music?  BLOKparty on a Friday night is the new going out-out, didn’t you get the memo? When the clubs are closed, we flail to carefully choreographed dances in our kitchens.  

Friday’s raucous BLOKparty class definitely lives up to its name.  Fast-paced, rump-shaking, and booty-burning, this workout puts your mind in your feet and demands concentration while allowing you to cut shapes and actually have FUN.  BLOK’s resident dance class is about as HIIT as my workouts get.  Still, working up a sweat while learning to twerk?  I am so down.  




Let’s take it down a little bit with one of my personal favourites – rest day… Kind of.  Due to currently being employed on Flexi-furlough, I work all day on Saturday and Sunday.  After being on my feet for eight hours at a time, the last thing I then want to do is come home and bounce about feeling muggy and tired.  Saturday night is for wine, good food, and an accompanying book only.  Maybe a cheeky margarita if we are feeling extra sad-girl.  



Yin Yoga – 5pm

Currently hosted by Zoe Laskowski 

You may have seen that yoga has quietly been omitted from my weekly workout schedule.  I will be honest – it is just usually not my drift.  Yoga is never really on my brain due to no reason other than I find it monotonous.  However, the tides are quickly changing with Yin Yoga Sundays.  This relaxing yoga session is a colossal 75-minutes in length but produces the sensation of a sweet restlessness I have yet to feel doing anything else.  Shut yourself off from the world and have an excuse to focus on your breath as you lie among 50 candles.  You deserve this end-of-week treat.  

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