My Running Kit Essentials: The Best Leggings, Sports Bra’s and Bum Bags

I still find it weird to say I am on a ‘fitness journey’.  Little miss “I hate PE.  I despise cross-country and everything team sport-related!” is now running around town and swimming on a strict, regular basis… and LOVING it?  While I am obsessed with this exercise odyssey, I am definitely still the personification of “all the gear, no idea”.  A novice who went out and bought *everything* she could get her mitts on in order to be a ‘good runner’ – exercise clobber is something I am somewhat now a collector of.  Where my experience lacks, my clothes do not.  Now, it is time to dispense my worldly knowledge of basic essentials onto you.

This is the first of two Fit Kit Essential posts coming this week.  This first one revolves around my must-have running essentials – featuring the best high-waisted leggings, boob-moulding sports bras and bum-bags.  Let this serve as a reminder: you are never too cool for a bum bag.



Leggings |

Leggings falling down mid-run is something nobody has time for.  I have more pressing things to worry about – like not being hit by a car (again) or flipping V’s to men in vans.  Therefore, my tried and tested favourite running tights which will never fail me are the Lululemon Alight Pant 28”.  This cult favourite is super high-waisted, extremely flattering and are beyond comfortable.  Almost feeling like a second skin, buying my first pair of Lulu’s in April made my running life 10x better.

A more budget-friendly pair of leggings that I also love to run in are the Nike Pro Training Leggings.  Simple but effective; these sweat-wicking pants mould to your body to keep you cool.  While not as high-waisted as the Lulu’s, these babies are still extremely flattering.  


Accessories |

I run without headphones as I cannot get out of my head or lose track of time otherwise.  Therefore, the only accessory I take with me on my runs is my Lululemon Fast and Free Running Belt.  Sleek and small; this stylish running belt is large enough to fit my phone and keys in without them jiggling about in excess space.  Before this belt, I used to shove everything down my sports bra and hope for the best.  Safe to say, this running belt is worth its weight in salt.


Sports Bra |

I have 32DD boobs – the almost-UK average.  As my chest isn’t HUGE but is very much there, I find a medium to high support sports bra do the trick when I run.  I have an Under Armour Training Infinity bra which is great for slower, long-distance runs while I prefer my Nike Swoosh / Techfit offerings for my fast-paced, everyday treks.  

The latter is a pull on rather than a clasp which I find as supportive as it moulds to the shape of my chest.  I really rate the Nike Swoosh sports bras as there are so many different colours, varieties and types to choose from – making your workout kit solid and unique to your style. 


Trainers | 

I’ve run in a pair of Nike Pegasus’ and Adidas Runfalcon amongst some others (a bright pink pair springs to mind) but nothing comes close to the comfort of the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10.  Boasting a foam midsole and an ultra heel design for a snugger fit, this shoe is designed with beginners in mind.  

Being super cushioning, this shoe holds up strong and protects your feet as you strike hard ground.  The Fresh Foam is also beyond breathable and hasn’t failed me on a run yet (that’s 75 and counting with these babies).  This is definitely a shoe I would re-purchase again and again.  Imagine walking on clouds – that is the New Balance Fresh Foam running trainer. 


Strava |

I hand-on-heart love Strava.  An App-based fitness tracker; Strava its digital motivation.  You can digitally record your runs via GPRS on your phone, or manually upload them via your Garmin/Apple Watch.  You can trace routes and become a segment champion; compete for virtual trophies and win discounts from your favourite online activewear shops.  I have been using Strava since I started running in February and it is so great to be able to pit my efforts now against efforts a few months ago.  A fantastic app to record all manner of workouts including – walks, hikes, skis, swims and more.  You can follow me on Strava here.

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