February Book Reviews

February was a bloody busy period.  Gobbling up 50-hour work weeks (RIP); religiously pounding pavements and swimming lengths; travelling to wine conventions and chomping on some extraordinary meals.  And breath…

Throughout this month of hectic surfing, I only managed three novels in various mediums.  The first, via Audible; second Kindle and the third a physical copy.  So, it may not have been as big as January 2020, but February really tossed up the goods.  See below for the three wonders of the universe I consumed this month.

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1 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling
Read via Audible

I annually listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks.  They are the ultimate escapism.  A venture into relaxation primarily enjoyed in the bath or while doing the dishes.  Last month I managed two HP audiobooks, while this month only The Prisoner of Azkaban.  Stephen Fry’s voice makes me swoon.  Nobody transports me to an alternative realm like J. K. Rowling. 



2 – City Of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert
Read via Kindle

Flamboyant and brutally beautiful, I would encourage everyone to take the time to read City Of Girls.  Elizabeth Gilbert’s fierce and capricious protagonist, Vivian, shines.  Her morals, ideas and adolescent ‘follow the crowd’ mentality is tested truly.  You witness the withering fall and the glowing rise of a young girl hurtling headfirst through the glitz and grime of New York City.  It is impossible not to empathise, and see even a glimmer of yourself in this ruffian. 

Perverse sexual exploits coil themselves around themes of regret, lust, friendship and androgyny.  Throughout the novel, fierce females steamroll the playing field.  Some blow stereotypes out of the water, some remain mysterious wisps, while all play perfectly into Gilbert’s dark world of showgirls and prostitutes. 

Resilience and perseverance – City Of Girls is a perfectly controlled playground of life.  I am salivating at the mouth just thinking about that musty hotel threesome.  You need to read City Of Girls.


3 – Heroes: Mortals and Monsters, Quests and Adventures by Stephen Fry
Read via physical copy

Spellbinding fables of infamous heroes; my hunger for Greek Mythology shall never be quenched.  Pairing whimsical tales with the craftsmanship of Stephen Fry is a match made on Olympus many moons ago.  If you are as into the Gods as I am, then you shall fall at Hera’s feet to get your hands upon Heroes. 

Fry’s sophomore flurry into the world of Ancient Greece focuses on the mortals like Oedipus, the trials and tribulations of Heracles and Perseus and his noble steed, Pegasus.  They are the stories we adore, painted with a Fry flare.  Heroes: the oh-so-sweet pocket guide to the protagonists of Greek Mythology. 

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