A Few Of My Favourite Things

As we speak, I am currently engulfed within Mark Radcliffe’s ‘Reelin’ In The Years: The Soundtrack Of A Northern Life’.  It is the second book of Radcliffe’s (the first being Thank You For The Days) which I am slowly becoming to be obsessed with and, only being 100+ pages in, I have already learned a truckload about the Radio DJ’s childhood; his encounters with Noddy Holden, and what bands and tracks have shaped his life.  I am in awe at his ability to convey thoughts and feelings with such satirising wit and passionate affirmations of love.  He is a great, great writer.

On page 114-115 of Reelin’ In The Years, Radcliffe lists 10 things which he considers to make up his personal ‘favourites’ These include his favourite singer (David Bowie), his favourite football team (Manchester City) and his favourite curry (Lamb Madras).

Proceeding this weird and wonderfully-insightful list of favourite things, Radcliffe writes,

“As someone who has conducted many hundreds of interviews, the ‘favourite colour’ question has often been presented as evidence of the giveaway of the shallow and underprepared disc jockey.  Pop mags used to pose just that sort of question to the sniffy disdain of we NME and Melody Maker readers.  And yet, as any psychiatrist will tell you, knowing some’s favourite colour can actually be quite a revealing thing.”

“For what it’s worth, I can tell you that mine is purple and that may well confirm or alter what you think about me and, seeing as we’re going to be together for a good few pages yet, I will give you an insight into my fascinating psyche so you feel you know me better:”

Therefore, inspired by Radcliffe’s alternative list of favourites, I have cultivated my own.  If in the future I suddenly shoot to stardom, I expect you scribe this exclusive list in your diary so you may use ‘Ella Scott’ as your Mastermind topic of choice

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