checking in: riu tikdia dunas, morocco

The last few years have seen me discarding the annual lethargic, relaxing summer holiday and opting to scurry across Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter or troop across Pathos in aid of finding croissants (that oh-so-Cypriot delicacy) instead.  While I have fallen in love with the city hoping and inevitably jumping on the wrong underground, this summer `I put Citymapper to bed and opted instead for ten days of sublime zen and all-you-can-drink caipirinhas at Riu Tikida Dunas, Agadir, Morocco.  

The Riu resort was a serious sanctuary and the perfect escapism from the drab and dull rainy days of Manchester.  Nestled 45 minutes away from Agadir airport, the whitewashed hotel compromised of various salt water and chlorinated pools, kitty cafés, Asian and traditional Moroccan buffet restaurants, sporadically placed palm trees, an abundance of bars and a charming atmosphere.  For the active or those who thrive from group activities, there was daily sun worshipping classes, water polo, aqua aerobics and more.   


Situated just a stone-throw away from the wide, windy beach, the resort left you with little want nor need to venture elsewhere.  Lushes, well-tended lawns encased a clay tennis court (a site from our hotel room front door) while ponds were littered throughout the resort grounds.  Nature thrived and came alive at nighttime, as an army of frogs joined the cats in populating the resort.  Picturesque is the main word that springs to mind.

Food was a glorious affair, from the plethora of buffet restaurants offering pizza, Moroccan-spiced lamb, steak and seafood chowder,  alongside double strength caipirinhas (I am pretty sure my blood was 70% cocktail by the time 10 days had ticked over) and light larger galore.  

Never before have I been so relaxed, in the motions of the holiday so quickly, nor so at ease in my surroundings. Rui Tikida Dunas was gorgeous.  Not only have I ever-so-slightly been exposed to be the beauty of Morocco, but I am already well on my way to organising my next trip to Agadir and Marrakech via Pinterest as we speak.

For more information and booking Rui Tikida Dunas, click here. I have left a little bit of my heart here.

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