Review: Rudy’s, Manchester

There are a couple of tantalising recipes which can be whipped up to craft a successful evening. One of which is grabbing your favourite gal-pal, necking a bottle of crisp white wine and diving headfirst into a full plate of gooey Neapolitan-style pizza in an alfresco dining situation.  If you are yet to sample the gorgeous delicacies that Rudy’s Pizza has to offer, then let me explain why this joint should be number one on your hit list.

The words ‘Ella’ and ‘pizza party’ are aligned in the stars.  We are so destined to be together they even created our own constellation.  I am even more convinced we were a match made by Zeus and Hera now that Rudy’s pizza palace is finally on my radar. 

Sandwiched between Albert Schloss and the Manchester branch of Brewdog on Peter Street, Rudy’s proudly offers the finest wine, the most chill of settings and the star of the show – the best damn pizza in Manchester.  You can hold me to that.









Setting our sites on alfresco dining during the UK heatwave, my friend Pol and I opted in on a bottle of Rudy’s Sicilian Catarrato – aptly labelled as “Sicilian sunshine in a glass” as well as a couple of Neapolitan-Style pizzas with lashings of olive oil and extra helpings of veg and meat.

As expert dough makers, Rudy’s have their pizza bases perfectly nailed.  Made up of just four ingredients (flour, salt, yeast and water), the bases are double fermented for 20+ hours before being shoved in the roaring pizza ovens for 60 seconds.  Lashed with tomato sauce and the toppings of your choice (we went for the Romagnola and Calabrese with extra rocket and extra meat on the latter) Rudy’s floppy pizza is the real deal.  

We could not manage a coffee, an after-dinner sip of Campari soda or an obligatory shot of limoncello but next time… There is always next time. 




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