September Favourites

My mojo has been completely out of sync the last couple weeks.  Naturally, my main coping mechanism for when things get too hairy is to throw my careful spending habits to the wind and seriously splurge on some wholesome goods. 

Here are some of my favourite things I have spent my bill money recently.

Terry Pratchett’s The Light Fantastic

Pratchett is the main author on my hit list for the rest of 2018.  After reading The Colour Of Magic last month (review here), I am now making it my goal to read as many Discworld novels as I can within the next year. 

My current read, ‘The Light Fantastic’ (#2) is already glorious, and has an abundance of scribbles and highlighted phrases littering its pages already.  I am in awe.

ellesse T-shirt

The ellesse x Ella Scott love-affair continues with this gorgeous dotty t-shirt.  Relaxed boxy/baggy fit,  crew neck and 100% cotton – what else could this besotted fangirl pine after?  What was that? A matching tennis/A-line skirt in the same material and spotty print? Well ellesse, if you want to make me one then I must buy one. 

Pull & Bear canvas tote

A new university year always means new stationary, new shoes and a new school bag.  While I am yet to purchase the former, I have thankfully found the perfect no-frills tote from Pull & Bear. 

Big enough to drop in my MacBook, dump my coat, scarf and hat in, carry a water bottle and all my bloody books – witchcraft in the form of a canvas tote bag, I am telling you!

New Calvin Klein and ASOS Design underwear

Purchasing new underwear is a sure-fire way to instantly levitate your mindset.  I am not the biggest fan of matching sets and prefer contrasting colours, shapes and types, hence the purchase of this gorgeous Calvin Klein Palm print thong alongside an ASOS Design underwired soft orange bra.  Feel good in your skin. I know I do.

Ultrabland by Lush

This summer, I developed my first real taste of facial acne.  Throughout high school I suffered immensely with back, chest and shoulder spots – however this summer, my face thought it was her turn to riddle me with anxiety and insecurity. 

Due to my flaring skin, I have gone back-to-basics by repurchasing and trusting Lush’s Ultrabland cleanser to sort me out once more.  I’ve previously discussed my love-affair with the product here.  Will I ever stop talking about it?  Maybe…

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