21 Things I Like

1 – Dipping bourbon biscuits into piping hot frothy coffee.

2 – The pensive moment of thought after reading the closing sentence of a novel.

3 – The first initial, exhilarating push-off from the pool’s edge.

4 – Out-of-the-blue text messages with no agenda other than to say hello.

5 – The opening guitar chords to Oasis’ ‘Morning Glory’.

6 – Watching my dog’s entire body jerk with pleasure when a walk is announced.

7 – Being called Ells/Elle by familiar faces new & old.

8 – Pressing publish on a passionate post I worked damn-hard on for hours straight.

9 – The nightly ritual of lighting a candle, an incense stick, grabbing a cuppa and diving in a book.

10 – Jumping off the tram at the designated destination stop without purchasing a ticket.

11 – Having my mom and dad’s voice harmoniously chorusing “I love you” in my Build-a-Bear.

12 – That first sip of cheap lager, outside in the sunshine, after a hard day, stuck inside working.

13 – Having an avo bagel with smoked salmon and bbq sauce in the fridge, lined up for breakfast.

14 – The ‘whoosh’ of heat which hits you like a steam train after departing from the aircraft abroad.

15 – Unpacking my whole food shop onto the kitchen bench and proceeding to put everything neatly & carefully away.

16 – Scraping & eating the toppings off ham & pineapple pizza in layers (pineapple, ham, cheese, tomato sauce + then base).

17 – The Cure’s ‘Jumping Someone Else’s Train’ from 2 minutes 19 seconds onwards.

18 – The rush of immediate elation after purchasing something I have lusted after for months.

19 – The idea of being able to be back on the grass of Balado Airfield for one last T In The Park.

20 – Watering my plants and knowing that I am the sole reason that they are successfully staying alive.

21 – Being ridiculously flirty with everyone, yet (usually) avoiding getting into any real trouble for it.

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