kate shepherd: 3 ways to stay healthy when living at home

I find staying healthy while living at home hard. Being in a house surrounded by temptation, easy options and then trying to stick to a healthy, balanced diet is virtually impossible without super-strength willpower.

However, there are a couple tips and tricks I have tried and tested to help us stick to the food we want/need, rather than slipping into the undesirable habits we have decided to rule out. 

Designate yourself space and make it appealing. 

The best idea I ever had was designating myself a kitchen cupboard.  Take control of what is ‘yours’ and what is ‘theirs’ by snatching your own space in the kitchen.  As a self-confessed organisation freak, the opportunity to buy jars and tubs, along with creating labels and setting everything out to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible sets of a firework of excitement.  

Because of my designated area, I can buy the foods I want, store them how I like and there is less chance of diving into the foods I want to cut down on. There is room for my protein powders be stored for grab-and-go usage, as well as the odd Snicker bar (or ten). 

Truthfully, I probably enjoyed the organising part more than the actual idea of having my own space. 

Buy your own groceries. 

By only buying the foods I want to eat and storing them in my cupboard, I am more motivated to stick to my goals. Of course, not everyone can afford to do a full weekly grocery shop, but by just swapping out some of the things your family may have bought for a more goal-orientated version makes a difference. 

So, I no longer get distracted by the boxes of Bakewell Tarts or the mounds of shortbread we always have, because I have my own food to eat.  These are not in my self-curated diet plan, so I am trying to fill my cupboards with healthy alternatives that taste as good. 

Buy whatever you want, whatever you need and whatever you fancy.  I bought five bags of choccy’ bites last week, ate three in one sitting and I did not feel ashamed.  I bought them and put them in my cupboard because I wanted them, and I definitely was not ‘stealing’ them from my dad!

Find ample solutions to your cravings

So we have our safe food space, we have the groceries we bought ourselves but we still cannot curb the temptation for those delicious Kit-Kat bites on the bench.  Do not feel guilty about giving in – enjoy the chocolate! But remember that there are some different options out there that are just as good. 

I love dried apricots, raisins, prunes and creamy cashews to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Mix it up and try light and crunch walnuts too for extra flavour.  Go bold and add some coconut flakes and chocolate nibs to the mix too!  Find what works for you. 

A batch of oat bars never did harm nobody either.  Flavour the oats with nuts/seeds/fruit and/or honey.  They are so easy and diverse; and will definitely steer you away from the shortbread!  Mary Berry eat your heart out.

Basically, guys, it is not easy to avoid temptations but by having your own space filled with food you have bought in confidence for your particular diet encourages you to stay both balanced and consistent.  Make the move and take control over what you put in your body. But whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it.

Kate Shepherd

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