Review: Steel Vintage Bikes, Berlin

If you are in dire search of a guilt-free, scrummy breakfast fix and you just-so-happen to be wandering the streets of Berlin, holding your stomach in pain; then Steel Vintage Bikes is the answer to your prayers.

While my boyfriend and I were not Berlin‘s biggest fans in general, we became massive adorers of Steel Vintage Bikes and their mouthwatering pancakes during our stint in the city.  In fact, we still fondly reminisce now, and probably shall for an eternity, about *that* visit.  We honestly would return to Berlin just for another bacon-laden fluffy stack.

As the name suggests, the café simultaneously deals in selling and renting out Steel Vintage Bikes (some were selling for up to €3K!!), as well as offering top of the range cycling clobber alongside a mean food and drink menu.  Naturally, we were interested in the white paper that would be our ticket to full bellies – but the dual concept was amazing.

As creatures of habit, Matty and I both opted for luxuriously frothy lattes and bacon-topped pancakes.  The portion itself was large yet easy to tackle, featuring two fluffy American-style pancakes topped with three rashers of bacon.  The pancakes were accompanied by a side of gloriously-sticky maple syrup and a side of gooey, melt-in-the-mouth scrambled eggs.

An absolute delicacy in a stunningly-diverse setting, Steel Vintage Bikes shall forever have our heart.  Upon visiting, you can never just simply have bacon and eggs ever again.  Spoiled in the best kind of way!

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