July Book Reviews

I believed July to be a serious step back in my reading when compared to May/June– but with six novels down, I do not think that was the case! This month has almost just been about the girls – with Dolly Alderton and Philippa Gregory taking centre stage, while Virginia Woolf and Kim Gordon have also been added to the mix. There have been some pleasant findings, some snooze fests and some shining moments too.  A real diverse bag of literature this month!

As always, you can follow my day-to-day reading progress via Goodreads.  All books discussed below are available to purchase via my Amazon Affiliate links.

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July 2018 Books

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

Thoroughly more enjoyable than its distant prequel, The White Queen, The Other Boleyn Girl stars (naturally) Anne Boleyn’s sister and allows the reader to witness both the wrath and delicacy of Henry VIII.  We see love, devotion, lust, betrayal and death – it is a smorgasbord of passionate history and mixed emotions, making the reader equally feel pitty and justice simultaneously.  My favourite Gregory novel thus far.

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

The starring staple of every 20-somethings’ summer 2018 reading list; Everything I Know About Love is daringly funny and heartbreakingly honest.  Alderton’s memoir casts nostalgic, relatable shadows over her past menacing relationships while creating heartbreak for those of us who know tragic troubles (without giving anything away) can be all too real.  The two factors combined create a plethora of emotions – there will be tears, and we promise laughter shall follow.

The debut book from Dolly ultimately reminds us to cherish what we adore most; whether that be love, parties, friendship, our parents or even ourselves.

The Book Of Dust Volume I: La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman

If there was any book I would implore you to invest your time into this month, it would be The Book Of Dust Vol’ I: La Belle Savage.  Inhabit the world of dæmons, Lyra and Lord Asriel once again; become fast friends with the stories protagonists and fall head-over-heels for Philip Pullman’s revisiting of his most cherished world.

For a more in-depth review, see my La Belle Sauvage post here.

Girl In A Band by Kim Gordon

Ex-Sonic Youth leading lady and a remarkably talented human being; Kim Gordon is undoubtedly cool, but her memoir is not.  Tearing down women like Lana Del Rey, hypocritical comments, a literary attack on her ex-husband and unashamedly sharing details of someone else’s personal life we just did not need to know about.  A let down to say the least.

Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

An extremely dull read.  Unfortunately, I have never been an avid fan of Woolf, and Mrs Dalloway has cemented this fact.  Elongated passages, unsystematic jumping between speakers and narratives as well as a contextual information which neither enriches or heightens the excitement of this novel.  She’s not for me, folks.

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

Historical literature novelist Philippa Gregory’s The White Queen is the first in her Tudor series.  The easy-read follows Elizabeth Woodville – a Lancastrian widow, who married Edward IV and fights for the throne.  While mostly foreshadowing events that are to follow in the series, making it stagnant and never particularly reaching a climax, The White Queen is both enjoyable, informative and easy to get lost within.

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