food: snack heaven with Graze

When I was 16, I managed to land my first-weekend job in my local pub’s kitchen, washing pots and pans and eating stock on the sly.  After receiving my inches of disposable income every Friday evening, I would religiously spend my weekend pay-packet on items such as Hollister t-shirts, issues of the NME, Greggs cheese and onion pasties, Miss Sporty canary yellow nail varnish and a weekly Graze box subscription. 

Graze snack boxes allowed me to believe at 16 that food was not just for eating – it was for enjoying, savouring and indulging in too. Not every snack had to be a disgusting coco-pops breakfast bar or a blueberry Alpen stick.

Since discovering the snacking brand, I have tasted the delights of the granola gods via their breakfast boxes (RIP), been transported to flavour heaven thanks to their range of brownies and I honestly don’t think I will ever be getting enough of their spicy sriracha crunch.  It has been a fruitful six years of on-and-off dating.

I recently re-started my Graze subscription on a monthly basis.  For just £3.99 I have my monthly treat in, and around, my face, and let me tell you – this month’s baby was a good’n.

Spicy Thai Sriracha Peas 

As an avid spice-repeller, the spicy peas are coated with ~ just ~ the right amount of flavour.  The punchy peas are joined in the pod by half popped corn kernels alongside jumbo salted corn – making this snack he ultimate salty paradise.  Take your taste buds to another planet while brightening up your duller-than-dishwater lunch break.

All Day Energiser 

This handy multipack darling has a healthy star Graze rating and claims to consist of energy-busting copper and manganese-boosting fruits and nuts.  This pack has a handful of walnuts embedded amongst gigantic sour cherries and succulent dried pears.  My mouth is just dripping thinking about it.

Sweet & Spicy Beetroot Crunch

A new addition to the Graze family welcomed with warm arms – the Beetroot crunch.  My pack contains seven sweet beetroot crisps, surrounded by moreisjalapeño chickpeas and a collection of sunflower seeds.  Containing 4g of protein and being an excellent source of achieving a mineral-booster shot – this new snack is ticking all my boxes.

Cranberry & Hazelnut Toasts 

Thin slices of cranberry and hazelnut toasts dipped in rich, dark, gooey cocoa dip… Is this what the Greek Gods considered to be ambrosia and nectar? A brilliant source of fibre and only 150 calories per pack (for the counters among you); if you are looking for something to mix up your weekly Kit-Kat, Snickers and Whisper ritual, this honey is your winning ticket.

I love Graze.  It is my once-per-month sneaky treat and to be honest, I am itching for August’s box already.  Be warned – this subscription service is HIGHLY addictive. You will fall head-over-heels in love.

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