Review: Cappuccino Grand Café, Madrid

I will hold my hands up and announce that yes, I am definitely guilty of bad-mouthing the chain restaurant.
It is so bad but, I am trying to quit the habit because I must remember – these places are (normally) too god damn good for there to only be one on the planet. One of my favourite Spanish chains that I just cannot wait to flock back to, is the Cappuccino Grand Café.


Littered throughout both Spain and its surrounding islands, – including San Miguel in Mallorca, Ibiza’s Marina and Zaitunay Bay in Beirut –  Cappuccino Grand Café is a serious Spanish big dog.  The chain specialises in saccharine cocktails, to-die-for food and of course (you guessed it) the best damn coffee I have ever tasted.  

One of two Madrid branches (situated at the Plaza de la Independencia) is where I fell in love with everything the eatery has to offer.  We kept it cool and collected when sifting through the lunch possibilities, and opted for club sandwiches, stuffed full of the good stuff (chicken, salad, the works) and portions of chips which comically came in plant pots.  I thought this touch was fantastic.

Drinks-wise, Matty opted for a good old-fashioned pint, while I went flamboyantly for once (I am not a big cocktail connoisseur) and went for the Hugo.  A large wine glass filled with St-Germain elderflower liqueur topped with sparkling wine and garnished with a sprig of mint and a lime. My mouth is foaming just thinking about it now.  Top off the meal with a frothy latte (yes, still drinking hot coffee even if it is scorching) and you are onto a winner.

Eating alfresco is always a brilliant idea when its 40 degrees out, and there is nothing better than an alcoholic beverage to cool you down… God, how I miss this place, how long is it until we go back again?


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