the perfect swimming costume

Being home in Northumberland always reignites my love for 2 things.

  1. My school friends.

    No matter how long we go without chatting, seeing each other, or spewing up in each others toilets, I know I can always count on them to make me cry tears of laughter and cheer me up to no bounds.

  2. How much I absolutley love swimming.

    The openness of the pool, the thick smell of chlorine, the way I glide through the water.  Amazing.  There really is not anything better than spending your morning, afternoon or evening in a lane.

Now, swimming is definitely anything but a fashion show, but I am yet to find ‘the one’ – the swimming costume to answer my prayers and make my dreams come true.  I am on a hunt to discover a one-piece that shall blow me out of the water, and make my endorphin rush ~ that much more stylish ~. 

I am toying with a few at this moment in time, so thought I would let you into my decision making

  1. Speedo Hydrasuit – £49.00

She’s got a high neck and leg, an open back, contrasting colours and a zip for easy-peeling; the Speedo Hydrasuit is everything I need and more.  Providing full-coverage, while still being insanely comfortable and offering a higher level of chlorine protection than a standard swimsuit; this costume ticks all the boxes.  The competitive swimmer inside of me is screaming.

2. adidas Parley Printed Swimsuit – £43.00

This Adidas swimsuit not only features a flattering square neck, an L-back and looks gorgeous; but is also partly made with Parley Ocean Plastic.  The costume’s materials are partly “reclaimed from beaches and coastal communities” before reaching oceans; meaning not only will you look fly, but you’re doing your lil’ bit for the environment.  A warm hug as you dip into the freezing-cold pool.

3. Speedo EnergyFlo Powerback Swimsuit – £38.00

Serve some looks at your 6 am sprint session with the Speedo EnergyFlo Powerback swimsuit.  Featuring a stunning lava splatter that will get you noticed from a mile off, this swimsuit is the ultimate training companion.  The Powerback style aids flexibility and shoulder movements, while the quick-drying fabric and 100% chlorine-repelling material is shouting “buy me, buy me, buy me!”.

Will my bank account sag, cry and give up if I simply buy all three?  Probably… But how can you even choose?  See you in the pool!

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