kate shepherd: a case for protein smoothies

Protein smoothies for me are a necessity.  There are so many recipes to attempt and they are so easy to prepare.  You can literally throw a few ingredients in, blend and ta-da!  Whether you want a super-thick smoothie bowl filled with fruit, nuts and chocolate or a standard smoothie in a glass – this drink just could not be easier to create

While smoothies are great for getting your 5-a day, they are also commonly used in the ~ fitness world ~ as an easy way to integrate protein into your diet.  Due to there being an infinite amount of vegan protein flavours out there (including chocolate, peanut butter and passionfruit) it has never been easier to enjoyably fuel your body.  Chocolate-caramel Tropeaka Boost Powder in a summer berry smoothie is a definite thumbs-up from me.  My recipe is below.

When I am in the kitchen, whether it is early-morning, post-workout or dinner before dinner, I always try to switch and bulk-up my protein smoothies by using various combinations of fruit, powders and different liquids (such as nut milk, fruit juice or just water).  Whether I am craving a sweet dessert, want to detox, or I just feel the need to snack; my protein smoothie combinations are endless, meaning I can indulge all-year round.

So, not only do they taste good – but the health benefits are amazing.  They aid energy levels, as well as help with digestion problems, and keep you full for longer.  Let your imagination run wild and devour with pride.

With protein and fruit being two core elements of my diet, I know I am taking full advantage of all the possible vitamins and positive-properties by drinking smoothies.  I feel good knowing that if I ever plop a prickly pear in there, I will be getting a truckload more magnesium than a basic orange.

If you are pressed for time to experiment, or not sure where to begin, below is my favourite nutrient-packed, vegan pre-workout protein smoothie –

1 scoop of Chocolate-Caramel Tropeaka Boost Powder
1 fresh or frozen banana
1 tablespoon of Vanilla Tropeaka Lean Protein Powder
A sprinkle of cinnamon
A glug of Alpro Hazelnut Milk
Ice & water

So, there you have it guys and gals; my views on why protein smoothies are fabulous.  Not only are they a great way to ensure you are hitting your body’s needs, but they are a wonderful way to start incorporating protein into your diet.  Give it a go, guys!

Kate Shepherd
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