Packing Light For Summer

Lugging over-stuffed suitcases around an airport, hoisting baggage repeatedly up-and-down stairs or yanking bags through minuscule side-streets in sticky 30+ degree heat? Definitely no-ones idea of fun!  I will be damned if that is how you get your kicks.

Breeze through your packing this summer, and completely avoid the huffing-and-puffing next time your holiday looms, by following my simple ‘how to pack lighter’ tips.  You’ll be care-free sunning it up and sipping on mojito buckets beachside in no time. 

2 swimsuits are enough (we promise)

Whether your shorts fit the top of your thighs perfectly, your swimsuit gives you gorgeous upper-body coverage or your bikini just screams flattering; there is always one we prefer over the seven you usually pack. By bringing 2 swimsuits in your luggage, you have enough variety and mix-and-match ability (if it’s a bikini or swimshorts) to last however long you are on holiday.

We honestly promise, you ONLY need two.  My current favourite bikinis to wear are this one and this one.

Miniature toiletries save lives

Unless you wash your hair twice daily, there is no need for you to bring full-size bottles of anything other than suncream abroad.  Miniatures do the job, and you almost never feel robbed when leaving a half-empty bottle of mouthwash behind.  Most hotels also do an array of miniature toiletries expense-free too, if you want to be really savvy.

Audiobooks are a holiday’s best friend 

Books are best, but Jesus they can get heavy!  If you are a rapid reader, switch up your five hardbacks for either digitalised versions or audio files.  Not only will it make your bags a ton lighter, you will be able to consume the words constantly even when you are fresh out of the water.

Pick your staples and stick with them 

If you ever bump into me abroad, I will be scooting around in a pair of bright Nikes, denim shorts, a white t-shirt/vest and a pair of sunnies.  My sunshine staples are simple yet effective, and I never seem to want to wear anything else.  Find your jam and stick with it; less is most definitely more when it comes to clothes packing.

Leave the laptop at home (if you can) 

Frequent transport travellers will know the struggle of carrying the laptop-and-all-the-trimmings combination around the world. It is a pain. 

If you must take your work abroad, pack light by compromising.  Can you downsize your screen to simply your phone? Is there a cool internet café nearby your premises? A good rule of thumb is ‘can I do X on something smaller?’. 

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