style: the perfect pair of jeans

Stop the press, hold the front page.  We have a not-so-juicy scoop from somebody who is so ridiculously late to the straight-leg jean party.  Attention everybody: there is life outside of the skinny jean.  I repeat – there is life outside of the skinny jean.

I have forever been a Jamie jean Topshop gal.  Mainly over the last year, however, I have repeatedly struggled with physically ‘liking’ how I look in the skin-tight, cannot sit down unless you want major stomach spillage, jeans of my choosing.  Alongside the Topshop skinnies, I have attempted to stuff myself into a couple of All Saints hand-me-downs, some Diesel fashion faux pas, and honestly, honey bee, do not get me started on my sausage legs in French Connection jeans.

Adding fuel to the fire, I have always had a complex of being perceived by others to be larger than I am if I am not wearing skinny jeans.  If I’m not showing off the shape of my calves or highlighting my ankle width then god forbid, people will think I am bulkier than I actually am. Stupid? Hell yes, but I am trying to reprogram my brain to understand that skinny is not always comfortable nor desirable for myself.

These pictured Topshop Straight Leg Jeans are 1) the first pair of non-skinny jeans to enter my wardrobe in a hell of a long time 2) my current deepest and biggest infatuation. I mean, they even look good on my non-existent butt which is saying something!

They are not groundbreaking – they are just petite (W28 L28), mid-rise (not high-waisted too, Ella are you okay?), straight leg jeans with a series of red and white side stripes. They are plain jane but beyond comfortable.  They are outside of my skinny-jeans-or-die bubble and my first pair of jeans that I actually feel confident in.  For that, this trusty staple should be applauded.

If wearing straight leg jeans is classed as doing “something every day that scares you” then I never want to take them off.  Catch me galavanting around your town in these jeans, soon.

Photography by: Matthew Ginger |


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