travel: plans for summer 2018

I sincerely hope my moans of cold weather and winter woes continue to be banished from my mouth this year.  We have had some phenomenal weather which has led to me spending too much time in the sun and not in the library, but who is complaining? The notable season of friendliness and outside boozy treks to the pub always heralds in a new wave of possibilities.

My summer is looking pretty swell if I may blow my own trumpet, but currently, the latter half of the year holds books, reading books, writing exams on books and spending money on books… At least I get to do my favourite hobby for a degree right?  She says crying into her iced latte.


Liverpool Sound City

May is the calling card for every university students’ summer.  My summer officially kicks off in May – alongside festival season – with Liverpool Sound City.  The cities multi-venue hub of undiscovered talent bubbling under the surface is going back to its roots and I for one cannot wait!  I am going for Gigslutz, so eyes peeled for my social media content and reviews.


Not exactly what I like to call fun but, if you need me, I will be in the library until the end of May.  My second and third exams of the year roll out on May 24 & 25, meaning that after I am free to roam the land (within reason) to my heart’s content until September!  Rejoice!

Studio 10 Dance Show 

One of my best gal pals is graduating from dance college this July which is an amazing achievement.  She has invited me (along with her boyfriend and one of our other friends) to see her perform in her final college show.  I have not had the chance to see her dance at all since we were at 6th Form together – so I am thrilled to be able to see her strut her stuff again!


A Wedding

My boyfriend’s dad and his partner are getting married which means both eternal happiness on their behalf, and an excuse for me to buy a bad-ass suit.  I have only been to one wedding, and I dressed as if I was attending a funeral, so this year I am thinking bright yellow, clashing prints and maybe even a haircut.


All the people, so many people… I am going to Parklife for business not pleasure this year.  If you fancy a pint, come see me pouring them behind one of the many bars across the site.  I am working with HAP Recruitment to stop me going bankrupt over the summer so please, be gentle with me.

Agadir, Morocco 

My boyfriend and I have treated ourselves to an all-inclusive holiday in Agadir this June.  We have been on a fair few adventure holidays together but not yet a lounge by the pool, drink all you want, eat until your stomach resembles a beach ball kind of holiday.  He wants to go quad biking, diving and on a safari, whereas I would like to dip my feet in the pool, nap and read… We know how this one is going to end up.

TRNSMT Festival

My first ever TRNSMT!  As a serial T in the Park goer (6/7 times?  I was an addict) TRNSMT is the perfect Scottish edition of my festival calendar this year.  I am again going with Gigslutz, so hopefully, I will report back positive about seeing Arctic Monkeys again for the first time in years… I am not holding my breath.



Latitude Festival

Another festival I have a past leisure relationship with is being dominated by earning the dollar.  Although 14-hour shifts do not sound fun, camping in the staff area and making fast friends and promoting  HAP Recruitment does… Swings and roundabouts!

Bluedot Festival

Bluedot is stationed in Macclesfield, which is just a short train/drive from Manchester, but I still have not found the perfect excuse to ever venture over there!  Until now of course.  What is the perfect excuse?  Why, the money incentive, of course, silly.

Boyfriend’s Graduation

Another opportunity for me to buy another outrageous suit, god I do love myself!  Me aside, I am tremendously proud of whatever degree he gets… And on whatever restaurant he picks to go to after for bubbles.

Kendal Calling

Kendal Calling will be my sixth festival of the year – my third pulling pints.  Tim Peaks’ dinner better be ready with my morning coffee/hangover cure because boy, will I need it!



Another weekend brimming with beer, bubbles and flat-out music reviewing in the press tent is on the cards.  Bestival is a musical celebration that has never really been accessible to me (the Isle of Wight is a very far away and expensive place to get to) but, since moving to Dorset and the idea of seeing M.I.A in the flesh and skanking to Mike Skinner & Murkage’s Tonga is on the cards, I just could not help but add this kooky festival to my summer 2018 itinerary.

Liam Gallagher 

Tonight, I am a rock and roll star.  My Christmas present to my boyfriend is seeing Liam Gallagher at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester this August.  I am a big LG devotee so to see him live again should be stellar.

Leeds Festival

The penultimate festival on the cards for this summer.  Such a sad statement to make yet it is another festival I can tick off the list.  I am not reviewing this one, unlike Sound City, TRNSMT & Bestival, but I am still going to get paid – so winner, winner, chicken dinner?


Festival No6

It is official – my busiest festival season to date comes to a head in September with Festival No6. Simultaneously, I will also cease working with HAP for another year… but there is always next year.

3 thoughts on “travel: plans for summer 2018

  1. oh my goodness. I am so jealous of all these music festivals!! I can’t wait for some write ups and posts about your exciting summer!! xx

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